Between traffic delays on the way to the campsite, trying out new recipes, and the weather, camping can be unpredictable to say the least.

Your first time making chili over the campfire might be a success but cold weather conditions can throw a huge wrench in your weekend camping trip.

Falling asleep in a freezing cold tent is near impossible. It’s hard to stop thinking about the fact that your toes may snap off from frostbite.

While packing on layers paired with fuzzy socks can keep you warm enough to fall asleep, temperatures drop during the night and staying asleep becomes the challenge.

Investing in a high quality tent heater can really improve your cold weather camping experience.

1. Campy Gear Propane Heater & Stove

This fast heating portable propane heater doubles as a cooking stove and has a maximum output of 9000 BTU.

It’s unique design allows for it to emit heat from all angles, keeping you and your family safe and warm all night.

The Campy Gear heater and stove runs on propane/gas and is compatible with 230g and 110g butane, isobutane, and propane fuel canisters. These can be purchased at hardware and camping stores, or online.

The top of the heater can be removed, which effortly transforms it into a sturdy cooking stove that can hold 12-inch pans and pots.

The Campy Gear heater comes with a one-year warranty and 24-hour customer support, if needed.

2. Mr. Heater MH4B

This portable heater can be used when camping in tents or indoors at your home or office during the winter.

The fast heating Mr. Heater is powerful, portable, and can heat up to 95 sq. ft.

The heater is quiet when operating and even has tip-over and overheating protection (it will automatically turn off when it gets too hot or if the heater is tipped over).

After running for an extended period of time, customers have reported that it will slightly vibrate, however, this can be fixed by turning the machine off and then on again. So it really shouldn’t be too big a problem.

All in all, the Mr. Heater is a decent tent heater that’s surprisingly effective.

3. Portable Lightweight Outdoor Gas Heater

Don’t let it’s flood lamp exterior fool you – I promise it’s a portable gas heater.

This tent heater features a protective net to avoid any accidental burns and can heat at a rapid speed.

Campers won’t have any issues carrying this heater to and from their campsite as it’s made from lightweight iron and can fold down, making it easy to transport.

Unlike some of my other suggestions, this heater does not have overheat or tip-over protection so exercise extra caution when using.

Customer reviews note that this little heater gets real hot, real fast!

4. Portable Electric Space Heater with Thermostat

This quiet ceramic heater also doubles as a fan.

With two heat levels, 1500-watt and 750-watt, and a fan function, you’ll be fully in charge of the temperature of your tent.

The heater will turn off once it gets too hot and then will turn on again when the temperature decreases, keeping your tent a comfortable temperature at all times.

Along with overheating protection, this electric space heater also has tip-over protection so don’t worry about waking up to a burned tent.

The heater’s claim to fame is that it can heat 200-square feet in no time.

5. Kismile Electric Tent Heater

This energy efficient heater has advanced ceramic heating and has three different settings: 1500-watt (high heat), 750-watt (low heat), and fan only.

It only requires about two seconds to heat up and features an adjustable thermostat control so that you can easily control the temperature of your RV or tent.

The Kimile electric heater has overheat and tip-over protection to ensure that you can stay safe while staying warm.

It also has a power light so that you can see if the heater is turned on, even from a distance. It doesn’t sound like much but is actually a really nice feature.

6. Honeywell 360-Degree Surround Heater

Honeywell is a trustworthy and well known brand so if you’re unsure of where to start, this portable heater is a great option.

It’s design allows for 360-degree heating with 1500-watt.

In terms of safety features, the outside of the heater is covered in “cool touch” plastic, it has tip-over protection, and overheat shut-off protection.

The heater also allows users to set a timer so that it shuts off at a specific time.

With this Honeywell heater, you’ll be feeling like a perfectly roasted marshmallow in no time. If that’s your thing 🙂

Customer reviews suggest that this heater does make a little bit of noise, so if you’re a light sleeper this might NOT be the product for you.

However, if you enjoy a little white noise while you drift off to dreamland, this heater is perfect. It will keep you warm and drown out the snores of your camping buddy that’s sleeping right beside you.

7. Vsanstar Stainless Steel Tent Heater

If you’re just starting your camping gear collection together and are trying to stick to a budget, this is certainly a cost effective option.

This portable stainless steel heater is rust-resistance, durable, and features vents that allocate the heat evenly in your tent.

The heater runs on wood or alcohol cans and can double as a hot stove so that you can cook your scrambled eggs and bacon each morning.

It’s also lightweight and easy to transport.

In terms of safety features, this product does not have any tip-over or overheat protection so it would be wise to pay attention to the heater when it’s running.

Customer reviews suggest that it’s easy to use and can heat up a tent quickly.

8. Andily Portable Tent Heater

This small space heater has a whopping four functions, which is great for those who find that their body temperature frequently fluctuates.

It’s high heat function is 1500-watt, low heat is 750-watt, fan only, and E-save mode, which is 1000-watt and requires minimal energy.

The ceramic heater coils are hidden to ensure that they don’t burn any hands and provide an abundant amount of warmth.

It has an easy-carry handle, overheat and tip-over protection, and a bright power light that indicates if the heater is on or off.

When you’re not camping deep in the woods, you can use the heater in your home, garage, office, and even on your patio.

Customers have said that they were pleased with the heat that this little guy gives off as the heater is smaller than most coffee machines. It’s also safe for use around young children thanks to its safety features.

9. Brightown Mini Tent Heater

Some people run on the hotter side, which means they don’t require the same blast of heat that others do. The Mini Ceramic Desk Heater is intended for office or table use but it can also be used in tents as it is compact.

The heater is electric so it does need to be plugged into a power source.

This portable heater is low wattage (400-watt) and puts out an impressive amount of heat with limited energy use, making it an energy efficient option.

It only has an “on” and “off” button, which makes it exceedingly user friendly as there’s no need to tinker around with temperature settings.

When it comes to sound, customers have reported in product reviews that it does make a little noise when operating but it’s not very problematic.

The ceramic heater’s stunning orange exterior does not get hot with use and it will automatically turn off if tipped over.

This is a great option for people who don’t get too cold, for mild summer nights, or for campers who live in warmer climates.

10. Luwior Small Tent Heater

This energy efficient portable heater has two settings: 1500-watt (high heat) and 750-watt (low heat). The ceramic plates heat up extremely quickly, which is exactly what you need when you’re freezing to death.

In terms of safety features, the Luwior tent heater has a tip-over switch that will turn it off if knocked over, overheat protection, and a light that indicates when the heater is plugged into an energy source.

Life is too short to spend time wondering why you’re sleeping in a cold tent instead of your warm bedroom.

What to consider when buying a tent heater

When searching for a tent heater, there are several things to consider:

Wattage (BTUs)

Refers to the level of heat that the tent heater is able to emit. The higher the number, the warmer you’ll be. However, the higher the wattage the more you’ll spend on propane or electric.

Safety features

Does the heater have a function that prevents overheating? Does it have a sturdy base so that it doesn’t tip over in the middle of the night? And does it have an oxygen sensor to ensure that the oxygen in the tent remains at a safe level? When it comes to heaters, I suggest spending your hard earned money on a model that features all of these safety functions.

The fuel source

Some portable tent heaters run on gas/propane while others are electric or run on burning firewood. I suggest opting for an electric model as propane heaters can be risky if they malfunction. Ingesting propane fumes for extended periods of time is not safe at all. Electric heaters are great if you’re staying at a campground with electricity. All you’ll need is an extension cord.

The weight and size

If you can drive right into the campsite, size and weight doesn’t entirely matter. However, if you need to trek or walk a substantial distance to reach your campsite, you won’t want to be lugging around a bulky and heavy heater.


If the heater you purchase isn’t durable, it’ll be a waste of money. When it comes to buying a portable tent heater, make sure that you don’t opt for the cheapest option as it may not be the most durable. Look for heaters with ceramic plates and sturdy handles.

Final thoughts

That rounds up the list of what I think are the 10 best tent heaters in 2022 if you’re going on a winter camp. If I were to give you one last advice on the fly, it’s to buy a tent heater that’s secure and efficient.

It’s really something you don’t want to save a few bucks on. Rather get something that doesn’t suddenly tip over and burn down your tent while you’re sleeping.

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