It’s vacation time and you’re out to have fun. Or perhaps you’re relocating across the country. Either way, an RV trip is always an adventure.

What’s better than an adventure? An adventure with all your favourite outdoor equipment! For those of you with a passion for big toys, a toy hauler is the must-have accessory.

Instead of weighing down your RV with all that heavy equipment, a separate lightweight toy hauler will offer you all the room you need to transport your items safely and securely. PLUS, with all that seating room freed up in your RV, you’ll be able to bring along the whole family!

From motorbikes and ATVs to essential RV equipment, bring your RV adventure to the next level with our top 10 picks for lightweight small toy haulers in 2022.

We’re going to go over the following small toy haulers:

❤️ Model 💰 Price ⚖️ GCCC ⚖️ UVW
1. InTech Luna Rover $22.500 425 lbs 1.775 lbs
2. Forest River NB10.6 $31.400 1.973 lbs 1.763 lbs
3. KZ Escape E180TH $26.900 1.790 lbs 3.210 lbs
4. Jayco Flight Octane $41.963 2.465 lbs 5.785 lbs
5. Forest River XLR Hyperlite 2513 $48.000 3.532 lbs 8.118 lbs
6. Winnebago Spyder 23FB $39.900 5.200 lbs 7.300 lbs
7. ATC Game Changer $76.145 5.440 lbs 5.000 lbs
8. Coachmen Catalina Trailblazer 28THS $51.358 3.247 lbs 7.226 lbs
9. Grand Design Momentum 320G $95.649 4.400 lbs 12.400 lbs

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at each of the small toy haulers.

1. InTech Luna Rover

💰 Price ⚖️ GCCC ⚖️ UVW
$22.500 425 lbs 1.775 lbs

The InTech Luna Rover is for those who are packing light but value comfort.

It’s really a great combination of function and inspiration. Many would appreciate its modern teardrop design which can be transformed into a sleeping area or cargo space with ease.

If you turn it into a sleeping area it features a 60″ x 80″ bed (152 cm x 203 cm) making it perfect for a couple getaway.

If you turn it into a cargo space it comes with plenty of cubby storage and an adjustable roof rack for all of your equipment.

Bonus features include a premium kitchen amenities, 12v outlets, 120v outlets, and even a few USB ports to charge your equipment.

It’s an extremely durable small toy hauler and will last you a long time with its fully welded frame and all-tube construction.

2. Forest River NB10.6

💰 Price ⚖️ GCCC ⚖️ UVW
$31.400 1.973 lbs 1.763 lbs

If you’ve got smaller equipment and don’t need much space for cargo, this extremely lightweight small toy hauler is a good investment.

With limited carrying capacity and minimized amenities, this small toy hauler is not the best option for huge toys, but is ideal if you need to bring compact equipment like a motorbike and some gears.

The industry exclusive Rhino Rack Roof Rack Equipment also provides a little extra storage space if you’re not a light packer.

The unit DOES NOT come with a sleeping area or bathroom, but there is a NoBo Nest Rooftop Tent provided! Knock yourselves out, campers.

The Forest River No Boundaries NB10.6 is for solo travellers who don’t mind getting up close and personal with the outdoors.

3. KZ Escape E180TH

💰 Price ⚖️ GCCC ⚖️ UVW
$26.900 1.790 lbs 3.210 lbs

The KZ EscapeE180TH brings lightweight to another level while still having a solid construction and a surprisingly roomy interior.

What’s really cool is that it doubles up as a living space. When you don’t need to transport anything, you can use it as a regular travel trailer.

Furthermore, it features a sliding storage system so you can easily haul your favorite toys with no disruption.

And there is an abundant amount of space for your toys and outdoor equipment, thanks to the storage measures in every nook an cranny.

However, you’ll be unable to customise your floor plan if needed. There is ONLY ONE OPTION available for toy haulers. The other options are travel trailers.

4. Jayco Flight Octane

💰 Price ⚖️ GCCC ⚖️ UVW
$41.963 2.465 lbs 5.785 lbs

Are you in the market for great hauling capacity and full storage? Look no further than the Jayco Flight Octane.

With a cargo capacity of 2.465 lb., a 13ft garage and a space-saving interior that allows for sleeping capacity of 6, space is not a problem for this toy hauler.

Combined with attractive kitchen amenities, this toy hauler is perfect for family trips.

Prepare favourite meals on seamless marble countertops, using a 3-burner stove or oven. Dessert can be left in your double-door fridge.

The wide 96 feet ramp can even double up as a patio for alfresco dining on warm summer evenings.

The Jayco Flight Octane really has all the features you need in a small toy hauler.

5. Forest River XLR Hyperlite 2513

💰 Price ⚖️ GCCC ⚖️ UVW
$48.000 3.532 lbs 8.118 lbs

The Forest River XLR Hyperlite 2515 harmoniously blends living and storage space and was crowned the toy hauler of the year (2021) by RV News.

It boasts an impressive CCC (Cargo Carrying Capacity) of 3.532 lb. due to space-saving amenities like maximum clearance dinettes.

Heavy duty outdoor equipment calls for heavy duty activities. Want to relax after a day of fun and adventure? Curl up with a good book in front of the electric fireplace.

You have double the lounging options, thanks to the loft-style queen bed located above 2 sofas in the living area.

6. Winnebago Spyder 23FB

💰 Price ⚖️ GCCC ⚖️ UVW
$39.900 5.200 lbs 7.300 lbs

Think you’ll have to compromise interior design for optimized cargo space? Well, think again. The Spyder 23FB proves you can get the best of both worlds.

Enjoy stylish chestnut cold crack resistant flooring, a large bathroom with a porcelain toilet and even a king-sized bed in this toy hauler!

Complete with a full-feature kitchen, you’ll be living the suite life.

Additionally, a high-tech Zero Gravity Ramp makes the transition between indoor and outdoor living seamless.

Your luxurious RV adventure never has to end. The S23FB also carries an on-board generator, 100-gallon freshwater capacity and a 30-gallon fuel tank.

If you need more space, opt for the slightly heavier S29STT and S30MAX models.

7. ATC Game Changer

💰 Price ⚖️ GCCC ⚖️ UVW
$76.145 5.440 lbs 5.000 lbs

The price tags on ATC toy haulers may be a little steep, but they sure back it up with thoughtful design and quality materials.

The top feature of the ATC 2419 is reconfiguration. The dinette, benches and sofa bed are locked onto a track system that extends through the length of the toy hauler.

You are free to reposition the furniture with ease, according to your storage and lifestyle needs.

For those who need privacy, DO NOTE that there is no designated sleeping space.

The aluminum bodies are lightweight and waterproof which ensures that the toy hauler will last through rain and shine. Owners can also take a hose to wash out the unit without fear of water damage.

Azdel paneling is also used for panelling. The water-resistant material mimics wood but is less prone to wear and tear. Azdel is two times as insulative as wood and weighs less, contributing to the function of the toy hauler.

8. Coachmen Catalina Trailblazer 28THS

💰 Price ⚖️ GCCC ⚖️ UVW
$51.358 3.247 lbs 7.226 lbs

Although it is bulkier than other toy haulers, the Catalina Trail Blazer 28THS makes up for it by being a storage dream.

With a 15ft garage, the 28THS has the biggest cargo area on this list. It’s not exactly a small toy hauler but it’s definitely worth considering.

It is ideal for those packing heavy, especially if you’re moving cross country.

Other interior features include tall ceilings, a king-sized bed, and a tub option. You might even want to call this baby home.

If you’re looking for a toy hauler that has a bunch of space for your ATVs, camping equipment, and all your grandkids, then the Catalina Trail Blazer 28THS for you.

Those looking for a sleeker option can explore the 26TH model. It weighs 5,436 lb., with over 800 lb. less carrying capacity.

9. Grand Design Momentum 320G

💰 Price ⚖️ GCCC ⚖️ UVW
$96.649 4.400 lbs 12.400 lbs

Are you in a hotel room or a fifth wheel? In this elegant fifth wheeler from Grand Design, you won’t be able to tell the difference.

Grand Design is known for their cult favourite Momentum series.

The G-series is a lightweight option that does not compromise the quality, innovation and functionality of the Momentum.

Among the 5 floor plans, the 320G has raving reviews for being a combination of form and entertainment. This nifty vehicle comes with 2 toilets too!

The G-series uses “sunken” finishings for certain features, such as drawers, theatre seats, a 12CU refer and kitchen amenities. This gives the fifth wheel the illusion of being more compact and frees up extra space for toy storage.

Things to look for in a small toy hauler

When purchasing your small toy hauler, there are many things to think about.

Some of the things to consider are:

  • Budget: Are you burning a hole in your wallet?
  • Weight: Can your RV handle the gross weight of your toy hauler?
  • Hauling capacity: Can your toy hauler handle the weight of your cargo?
  • Dimensions: Will your toy hauler be suitable for your preferred camping site?
  • Garage size: How many people can sleep in the toy hauler? How many bathrooms are there? Is it spacious enough for your picky wife?

…and the list goes on. In fact, it would help to sit down and make a list of all your requirements.

It’s important to find a hauler with the storage capacity that you need, while meeting the RV lifestyle needs of you and your passengers.

The ideal toy hauler is a balance of carrying capacity and comfort.

Final thoughts

The best thing about modern toy haulers is that they’re light enough to be able to tow quite comfortably. Besides hauling cargo, they also have plenty of extra space for sleeping quarters, kitchen and bathroom.

Keep these considerations in mind while looking through this list of top-rated small toy haulers to see what your options are.

You might also be interested in travel trailer insurance when investing in a pricey small toy hauler. I’ve written an in-depth guide to travel trailer insurance that you should definitely check out.

Best of luck finding your next small toy hauler.