If you ever want to see the best way to deal with your shoes when you walk indoors, watch how they do things in Japan. It seems like only in the U.S. do we walk indoors and all around our house with our shoes on, contaminating everything we step on. It’s even worse in an RV, with less real estate which results in a higher level of dirt and debris.

If you want to keep your RV clean, RV shoe storage is paramount and there are a lot of ways to be unique and creative about it, such as shoe racks, hanging shoe storage, pocket storage, command hooks, storage nets, and even over-the-seat organizers.

RV living is all about space conservation, so you don’t want a giant shoe organizer sitting right inside the door. Fortunately, you can get really creative with your options and devise ways to store your shoes, flip flops, and hiking boots that don’t involve tossing them on the floor for the dog to chew and the kids to trip over.

In case you’re a little unsure of what direction you want to go with a good shoe organizer, we’ve put together 5 creative ways to store your shoes in an RV.

You’ve surely run into tons of these things over the years, whether it’s a spinning sunglasses display in the convenience store or probably in a shoe store. It’s convenient because the spinning nature of the container means more shoes and less space.

Many of the shoe carousels that you will find out there are pretty wide and constructed of wood. If you have a large RV, that may be perfectly fine, however, for small RVs, you may want something a bit slimmer, like the Honey Can Do SHO.

The Honey Can Do SHo is a much more narrow and streamlined design that’s taller so you have the same shoe-holding capacity in a package that takes up less space. These shoe carousels are also designed with an open aesthetic so you can see your shoes without having to spin them around and around trying to find your pair.

The best part about shoe carousels is the variety that you have to choose from. Even with a smaller RV, the typical width is around 23”. If you have kids around, no shoe organizer means that the entire square footage of your RV is now a shoe organizer, so 23” is an attractive proposition.

They can hold quite a few pairs of shoes as well. Even if you have the kind of family that has a shoe for every event, a single shoe carousel will probably have you covered.

2. Hooks and tension bars

You probably have tension bars in your bathroom right now and have never really considered using one for more than holding your shower curtain and liner. There are several variations of tension bars but the best kind is the kind that you twist into position.

Basically, one-half of the bar screws in and out of the other end of the bar, with two rubber cleats on either end of the bar. You simply hold the bar up and inside the gap where you want to install it and screw it out until it presses itself into place.

It’s really convenient for showers and now, it’s really convenient for holding your shoes. All you need now is a hook or 80 to toss all of your shoes on. Tension bars are incredibly convenient and you can get pretty creative in where you decide to mount one, especially in an RV, where there always seem to be little cubby holes carved out of the interior.

You can get creative and fun with the hooks too. There are modern-looking, stainless steelhooks, more elaborate double hooks,  aesthetically unique metal shoe hangars, and even travel shoe bags.

You can even take it in an entirely different direction with hanging shelf organizers. These are basically stacked cubby holes that are made out of a soft, flexible outer material and the entire shelf can hang from a single hook. Since they are not incredibly wide – 12” wide on average – you can stack several things next to each other.

For instance, if your tension bar is fitted into a space that is 40” wide, you can easily mount 3, stackable shelves next to each other, most of which will have 6 or 7 cubby holes that are vertically stacked. With a minimum of 18 cubby holes in this scenario, you can hold a ton of shoes.

The YOUDENOVA Hanging Shoe Organizer narrows it down a bit and offers ten cubby holes, vertically stacked with only 5.9” in width. In the same scenario, you can have 6 stacked together for a total of 60 cubbies. If you’re a huge shoe collector, you couldn’t possibly fill them all.

3. Adhesive shoe racks

One thing that you don’t want to do in an RV is poke a lot of holes. Whether it’s for hanging shelves, pictures, artwork, or shoe racks, you want to minimize how often you start drilling holes in the walls.

That’s what makes an adhesive shoe rack so appealing, especially if you can get your hands on something that uses reliable adhesive that won’t peel the entire wall panel off when it comes time to remove it. Ideally, once your adhesive shoe rack goes up, it will simply become a natural addition to the rest of the interior decor and never come down.

There are several advantages to using adhesive shoe racks:

  • You don’t have to drill holes
  • Each rack is small but holds four pairs of shoes
  • Their small size opens up the options in terms of where to place them
  • Assembly doesn’t require tools
  • They’re lightweight
  • Comes in sets

Over-the-door shoe racks can be hung anywhere but as their name implies, they are primarily hung on the door. Of course, it’s probably the most advantageous location to hang something in an RV as doorways are relatively open, so it doesn’t take up too much space while giving you a great shoe storage option for a lot of shoes.

4. Storage ottomans

It’s hard to argue with storage ottomans. Not only are they an excellent place to store your shoes, but they also double as furniture, and depending on what you choose to go with, they can look quite luxurious. You can add whatever kind of aesthetic tone you’re going for while hiding your stinky hiking boots at the same time.

Ottomans come in so many forms and variations that it would be impossible to list them all here. Suffice it to say that you won’t be disappointed if you go this route for shoe storage in your RV.

With storage ottomans, you can go with square faux leather or round and tufted. You can go huge and use it as a stand-in coffee table or small enough to just prop your feet up after a long day on the trail.

Some are designed on legs, like mini sitting stools and some can easily stand in as an extra bed or couch to relax on. The larger ones can obviously hold more shoes but as storage devices that save space, there’s no better choice.

Storing your shoes is usually an exercise in creativity with a focus on saving space. Even gigantic RVs don’t hold a candle to even a double-wide trailer after all.  With this choice, you can cover a wide segment of your RV furnishing ideas while providing adequate storage for not only your shoes but anything else that you want to add along with them.

5. Storage staircase

When it comes to any sort of elevation in your RV, most especially bunk beds, a staircase that can also double as a storage unit for shoes is an excellent idea, so long as you’re willing to put in some work to install it.

The video in that link is an example of a huge setup that is designed for crawling up into a bunk bed. However, you can go a whole lot smaller than that if you want. You can convert your existing stairs into storage drawers for shoes by hollowing them out and reframing them for support.

Or, you can install your own set of steps for just about any use in your RV, so long as you’re willing to lose a little bit of space for something permanent. The ideas are limitless with these design ideas. You can convert each horizontal step into a hinged lid or you can convert the vertical support board into either a drawer or a hinged mini-door.

You can even design it so that the top board is removed like a cap. Whatever direction you want to go with it, you have the creative freedom to do so and all it takes is a simple, three-step construct.

Final thoughts

Those are just five ways in which you can store your shoes and engage in a little creativity as you do it. The reality is, there are probably hundreds of ways to come up with unique shoe storage ideas, especially if your RV traveling involves larger groups.

Whatever you choose to do, your RV will thank you for it and so will your back. You’ll be amazed at how much the dirt traffic is reduced and you’ll never have to worry about frantically finding your shoes before you head out!