You have the family on board and have just finished a wonderful day of cruising down the highway. You find the perfect campsite and the wonders of nature surround you. You’re feeling pretty good about yourself after the parking job you’ve done with your RV. No ordinary schmo could get the giant vehicle in there. No, you’re a super reverser, the big dog in the easing an RV in backward world.

Walking a bit taller, shoulders back and chest out, you jump out of the driver’s seat and wander around to open the cabin door. Surely your family will be just as impressed with you as you are with yourself. When you open the door, there’s a rush as you look down and at your feet and see the kids lying there. The campsite is on a slope, and the kids have been tipped out of the RV like a surfer dumped by a Maui wave.

Most of the world is not dead flat. Unless you’re going to carry a level patch of dirt around with you, you’re going to spend a lot of time dropping an onion in the kitchen and having to crawl under the bed to get it after it has run down your sloping campervan.

The RV leveling blocks I’ll be covering in this blog post are:

Let’s put on our scuba masks and dive straight in!

1. Andersen Camper Leveler 3604

📦 Number of pads: 2-pack

💰 Price: $90

The camper levelers from Andersen Hitches are by far our #1 recommendation if you’re in the market for levelers. Even though they’re a lot more expensive than the other levelers in the list, they’re worth it if you ask us.

They’re very precise and can lift your camper anywhere between 1/2″ and 4″. And you don’t have to worry about the weight capacity since it’s capable of handling up to 30.000 lbs.

You only get 2 levelers for the $90 but you also only need 1 leveler per axle per side of your camper. So if you only have a single axle trailer, you only need a 2-pack. However, if you’re trying to level an RV and need to use levelers both in the front and in the back of your RV, then you need 2 of the 2-packs. Then $180 might be a bit steep.

If you happen to purchase the levelers and they don’t fit your RV, then you can trim the levelers. If you read the comments over on Amazon, you’ll find a few people trimming their levelers to get the perfect fit. But that’s really only if you have oddly-sized wheels.

2. Tri-Lynx 00015 Lynx Levelers

📦 Number of pads: 10-pack

💰 Price: $33

Simply stack this leveler into a pyramid and drive into it. Known for its durability, the heavy-duty construction means it can accommodate up to 40,000 pounds in weight. The balancing tool has a robust function and is known for its reliability and economical features.

The blocks have modular-level designs and are versatile and multifunctional. They can be used on any terrain and are easy to store in a storage bag. Easy to use, they will help make your next camping trip a level-floored breeze.

3. Camco FasTen 2×2 RV Leveling Block

📦 Number of pads: 10-pack

💰 Price: $62

These blocks have an interlocking design that will enable you to stack them to the height you desire. Suited for any terrain, they provide the utmost convenience when leveling your RV.

The ease of use on offer means you won’t have to worry about any camo ground or how precise your skill level is. The sturdy construction ensures maximum durability while being surprisingly lightweight. The bright yellow color makes them easy to spot. The blocks are easy to balance and have a fast and straightforward storage mechanism.

4. Camco Heavy Duty Leveling Blocks

📦 Number of pads: 4-pack

💰 Price: $20

These blocks will provide certainty and a solid base no matter what ground you use them on. The most robust construction makes them suitable for all outdoor vehicles, though more precisely those with single and double wheels.

The Camco heavy-duty blocks are versatile and economical. You can use them with a wide range of jacks, including tongue, hydraulic, stabilizer, fifth wheel, and dual axle jacks. You will find them straightforward to stack, and storage is easy in the bag provided. Their bright yellow color will mean that visibility is never a problem.

5. Valterra A10-0918 Stackers

📦 Number of pads: 10-pack

💰 Price: $40

This leveler consists of ten interlocking blocks. You will find this gives you the versatility to use them on any terrain with ease and precision. Built for longevity, the blocks are made from heavy-duty materials while also remaining lightweight.

The blocks have a maximum weight capacity of 40,000 pounds meaning they can handle almost any RV. You can adjust the stacking height to suit your needs at a particular time. The easy-to-attach grip handle can be switched into a ramp for later use, and they come with a strap for secure and easy storage.

6. Ultra-Fab 48-979052 Leveling Blocks

📦 Number of pads: 8-pack

💰 Price: $53

The ultra leveling blocks are stackable, meaning you can adjust their height to whatever you need at a given time. You will find they are effective on any terrain that you find yourself on. The blocks feature a heavy-duty construction that means they will be durable and long-lasting.

They are easy balancing, and their 30,000-pound weight capability means they are suitable for most RVs. You’ll find the carrying bag makes them easy to store and move around.

7. OxGord RV Leveling Ramps

📦 Number of pads: 2-pack

💰 Price: $40

These ramps come with a non-slip and rigid grip for extra traction and security for your vehicle. You will find the three height levels to provide options up to the maximum of 3.8 inches to level your vehicle. The three options on the ramp will also simplify the way you adjust the height. Making your RV stable and secure, they only weigh four pounds and are easy to maneuver and store.

8. Homeon Wheels Stabilizing Jack Pads

📦 Number of pads: 4-pack

💰 Price: $23

These leveling blocks will provide stability across any surface you can think of. Whether it be mud, uneven ground, or gravel, the non-slip base will ensure your RV will be stable with these blocks.

Constructed from highly durable lightweight materials, these will have a long life of leveling in front of them. They are height adjustable, making precise balancing of your camper easy.

9. Homeon Wheels 2 Pack Camper Leveler

📦 Number of pads: 2-pack

💰 Price: $80

These ramps possess three different height settings to help level your RV. Made from non-slip materials, they provide security and stability in various settings. You will find they provide adequate support while being lightweight and compact when it comes time to pack up and store them.

10. Ultra-Fab 48-979050 RV Leveling Blocks

📦 Number of pads: 4-pack

💰 Price: $30

These stackable blocks provide a stable platform on any ground. Height adjustable to suit your needs, they can safely handle a vehicle of up to 30,000 pounds. You will find them lightweight and versatile and able to provide stability in a variety of situations. The RV leveling blocks are easy to use and come with a carry bag that makes them compact and easy to store.

The evolution of RV leveling blocks

Leveling blocks back in the days

Back in the days, when campers parked on the prairie like great buffalo herds, albeit leaning slightly to one side, owners would be forced to use what they could find to level their RV. Trying to find a rock or a stick precisely the right size to straighten your floor was not a ball of fun.

Jack up one wheel on a rock, and all of a sudden, your RV is sloping the other way. Once this drags on for a while, your relaxing camping trip is at risk of becoming a festival of broken sticks and thrown rocks as you look to the Gods and wonder if they are amused yet. There has to be a better way.

Leveling blocks today

Leveling blocks can free the modern campervan owner from this torment. Never again will you have to strap yourself into bed to avoid sliding off overnight. Beyond waking up on the floor, larger RVs often have an absorption refrigerator. This has to be level to work properly. Things falling from their shelves and cupboard doors popping open will be challenging. You’ll feel like you’ve gone camping with a poltergeist.

A set of leveling blocks that are easy to use and effective will give you back a relaxing and enjoyable camping trip.

Different types of RV leveling blocks

There are four different types of leveling blocks from which to choose.

Interlocking blocks

Think of them like giant Lego blocks to park your RV wheels on. You can raise or lower the height by adding or removing blocks. You may need a one-inch platform or a two-inch platform. When stacked together, they will raise your camper only half their height, and you need to build or stack them in stairs to level your RV.

Leveling ramps

Balancing ramps are ready to use and don’t need any stacking. The molded designs have fixed heights, like stairs, to match your needs. You may need to put a rubber mat under them to stop them from slipping when you drive your RV onto them. They have magnificent support under the wheel chocks.

Inflatable levers

These work by sliding under your tire, and then you manually inflate them to the desired height to level your vehicle. The problem with these is that they will feel unstable and shaky. They’re great if you’re looking for an earthquake experience. They can also harm the suspension of your RV.

Electric levers

Electric levelers are convenient, easy to use, and hugely expensive. You could be looking at $2,000 and then have to pay for installation on top of that. Most require minimal intervention, though some have a remote control for easy access. Even with the wonders of modern technology, sometimes the most straightforward methods provide a reliable and solid base, and most people lean toward leveling blocks and leveling ramps.

Essential features you need to check for

Before rushing out to buy a set of leveling blocks, there are some items you need to check to make sure they are suitable for your RV or Camper.

Maximum weight

You need to ensure the levelers you choose can hold the weight of your RV. Otherwise, you’ll face a very restless night waiting for half your world to collapse beneath you. Remember to allow for the weight when your vehicle is fully loaded. It’s no good filling up with the best appliances only to send them flying across the floor when your leveling blocks give way.


Durability is essential for an incredible camping journey. Checking the manufacturer for the materials used in construction is an excellent start to assessing durability. Word of mouth and reviews can also help you determine whether you can rely on a leveling block or ramp time after time. A leveler giving way can have serious consequences, up to a damaged RV Frame, so do your research.


You’re going to be using these bad boys nearly every time you camp. So ease of use, installation, and storage are going to be significant factors. Can you set them up by yourself, or does it need a whole team of parking assistants to help you? Then there is how easy they are to clean and store after use.


Price varies from brand to brand and with features and ease of use. You don’t need to spend your last dollar, however. You can find some excellent options at a reasonable price.

Final thoughts

The whole purpose of escaping in your RV is to get closer to nature and forget about your worries. If you are clinging to a sloping bed and having your appliances broken while the contents of your cupboard spill onto the floor, it’s not a recipe for fun.

For this reason, you must get the right RV leveling block or ramps that will allow you to park in your perfect camping spot, set up your RV how it’s meant to be, and get back to enjoying what it’s all about. That is nature and relaxing times with family and friends.