It’s your worst nightmare come to life as an RVer. You go to look at your door and you realize that it’s damaged to the point where it either needs to be replaced or repaired. Okay, perhaps there are worse nightmares for RVers, but we wanted to build the suspense just a little bit. Forgive us.

Truthfully, if you need to replace your current RV door or just want an upgrade, it can be a somewhat daunting task. No matter what, though, knowing your RV door size is going to be mandatory. Well, unless you just send your RV to a professional shop and have them do all the work.

If your plan is to replace your own RV door, though, knowing the size will need to be known. Yet, in general, how wide is the standard RV door?

How wide is the standard RV door?

For such an easy question on paper, there’s something that makes this somewhat difficult to answer. It comes down to how dynamic RVs are. In other words, they come in such a variety of different shapes and sizes, and they will all come with their own doors.

Now, the internet is filled with misleading information. It’s an unfortunate reality when trying to do some research on something like this. So, what we did was we took a look at a slew of RV doors for sale. We found that the average width for an RV entry door is anywhere from 24 to 32 inches.

Let’s be real here, however, knowing that doesn’t really help you very much with your RV. It’s not as if you should just take a random guess within that range we just specified and hope you get lucky. Nah, instead, it might be better to know how to measure your RV entry door.

How do you measure your RV entry door?

Yep, now we’re talking. This is going to be much more beneficial for you to know. Talking about the good old internet again, however, you may read that some people advise to just remove the door and measure the dimensions of the door. It seems so obvious to do so as that would be the best way to get the exact measurements of the door, right?

Technically, yes, it would be. The problem is the rough opening of the doorway is the measurement that’s needed and not the actual size of the door. As to why that’s the case, we found a pretty good explanation in a Lippert RV door owner’s manual.

“Verify size of door opening is correct. Door ‘call’ size is the required rough opening size. The actual door size will be undersized by 1/2″ in width and height (i.e. 26″ x 72″ door requires an opening of 26″ x 72″ but the actual door size will be 25 1/2″ x 71 1/2″).”

Now with that understood, how do you measure the rough opening of the doorway? Well, before you have to do anything physical, you may be lucky enough to find the information easily. Depending on how new your RV is, there may be a sticker around the frame itself that provides the dimensions (in width and height).

In addition to explaining how to measure the rough opening if you can’t find the sticker, you can also find a guide here that goes in-depth to explain how you can install a new RV door if that’s the reason why you even want to know your RV door size, in the first place.

What about the access door?

We’ve talked pretty much only about the RV entry door, but what about the access door? Well, for the most part, the measurement process is going to be the same. And, no, the two doors are not the same. The access door, though the name would seem to imply it, is not going to be used in the same way as the entry door.

How do you determine your RV door opening side?

This right here is probably something that could easily go overlooked. We wanted to address it, however, as it would be a major headache if you were to go buy a new door after getting the proper measurements and all that, only to get the incorrect door configuration.

The good news is the process of determining whether or not your RV door has a left-hand opening, or a right-hand opening is very simple. Viewing your door from the outside, if you notice the hinges are on the left, it’s a left-hand opening door (and vice versa). It’s truly as simple as that.

What are some ways to maintain RV doors?

Even though we’ve mentioned it, it sort of goes without saying that one of the main reasons you’re going to need to know the exact RV door size your rig has is if you need to make repairs, adjustments, or just a flat-out replacement of your RV doors. So, with that in mind, it’s in your best interest to do everything you can to maintain the doors of your RV (entry and access).

Here are just a few things to keep in mind:

  • Check the fasteners and hardware whenever possible to ensure everything is secure
  • Keep the seals lubricated and clean
  • Ensure that when you park your RV, it’s as level as you can possibly get it

Final thoughts

Knowing your RV door size is going to be the first step in what is probably going to be a major project. If your plan is to manually fix one of the doors in your RV (or just replace it altogether), all we can say is truly have a grasp and understanding of what you’re doing.

The good news is if you own an RV, you’ve probably become pretty adept and further educated on how to handle situations like this. Speaking of which, what about oil changes? How long does one of those take on an RV? Well, you’re in luck because we have the answer for you! Happy RVing, everyone.