Have you ever looked in the inside of your RV and wondered to yourself if the RV dinette area would look better with just a simple table and chairs set up? One of the best aspects of the RV dinette is the fact that it’s one of the most customizable parts of your RV.

And, the fact is, you don’t even have to settle with replacing it with just a table and some chairs. However, it seems that many people like to type into Google, “replace RV dinette with table and chairs.” So, we want to address that and, in specific, whether or not you should make the switch.

What is an RV dinette, anyway?

Before you figure out if you want to replace your RV dinette with a table and chairs, we just want to make sure that everyone’s on the same page with what exactly an RV dinette even is. In the simplest of explanations, this is the dining area of an RV. Oftentimes, you’ll see a booth in the dinette area as that’s kind of an RV staple.

If you just recently bought your RV or have had it for a long time is irrelevant as most will come with a pre-built dinette area. But seeing how it’s an area that you’ll probably be spending a lot of your time in inside your RV, you might want to throw in your own personal touch. One way of doing so is with a table and some chairs.

Benefits of an RV dinette

Alright, so before we go and talk about changing your RV dinette with a table and some chairs, we think we should talk about some of the benefits that come with a traditional setup. Let’s do that, shall we?

It provides a nice entertainment area for friends and family – Whether just sitting down having a good chat, eating a good meal, or even playing some board or card games, a traditional booth provides a nice area for that.

Provides a personal touch – On top of just looking nice, booth dinettes can also be customized with personal cushions, décor, fabric, you name it. You can really create a personal touch with them.

Can be great for storage – Seeing how most booth dinettes will come with additional storage (such as under the seat and drawers at the bottom), they make a great place for storing various types of items from pillows and blankets to board games.

Ideal for comfort – Booth dinettes will be cushioned and when relaxing with family and friends (and especially with children or the elderly), they can provide a very comfortable seating area.·       Additional sleeping space – This is assuming that the RV dinette in question can be transformed into a bed, which some do allow for. Clearly, if so, this is a great feature to have when needing to sleep additional people.

Replace RV dinette with table and chairs?

Yes, we know, that was an odd way to word that question. Nevertheless, those were some pretty great benefits that were just laid out, and that’s not even all of them. So…why would anyone want to replace an RV dinette, then? Furthermore, why would someone want to do so with a table and chairs? Perhaps by explaining some benefits of doing so, it’ll help make the question a little clearer.

Makes the RV feel homier – It may seem crazy but by placing a table and some chairs (the same you’d see in most dining rooms in the world) in the dinette area, it can make the RV feel a little bit homier. Staring at a booth makes it seem like an RV. Not that this will matter for everyone, but it’s worth mentioning.

Can add more breathing room – The ability to be able to sit as far or as close as you want to a table is one that can easily go overlooked. With a table and chairs, you’ve got that convenience. A traditional booth RV dinette will require you to either sit up closer in the booth or attempt to sit farther back (though you still can’t push back the seat).

Allows for additional options elsewhere – Once you replace an RV dinette, it’s not coming back without some work. With a table and chairs, if need be, the set could always be moved to make room for something else temporarily. Heck, this option could also allow you to add more storage such as more shelving space.

Replace RV dinette with table and chairs?

Did you just have déjà vu? It’s because you just read that same headline about 90 seconds ago. Is it just us or does it sound like a robot is saying that line? We bring it up again as we still haven’t answered the darn question. You’re probably going to be annoyed by the answer we’re about to give. It’s up to you to “replace RV dinette with table and chairs.” There’s that robot again.

The reason you might be annoyed by that is you might’ve been looking for a yes or no response. The fact is it’s hard for us to say yes or no as both options are stellar. Whether you choose to stay with the RV dinette present in your RV or swap it out for a table and chairs is entirely up to you.

All we can say is take a closer look at the benefits listed above for each and really think about it. Also, keep in mind that removing your RV dinette isn’t as easy as just picking the booth up and tossing it away. Once you replace it, you’re probably not going to want to install it back in. In other words, be 100 percent certain that you want a table and chairs instead.