Camping and RVing is much more than dousing yourself in bug spray, using an outhouse, floating down the river rapids, and cooking weenies over the campfire. It’s also an opportunity to relax. Especially because it always takes a few hours and sheer physical strength to load all of the gear into the car and then out again once arriving at the campsite.

Lounging in a hammock is the best way to kick back and enjoy the sights and sounds of the forest around you. Thankfully, you no longer need to restrict yourself to campsites that include two trees, approximately 10 to 15 feet apart. If you’re hoping to put in some serious hammock hours this summer, a portable hammock stand is the perfect camping accessory.

With a portable hammock stand, you can enjoy your hammock virtually anywhere. Whether you want to post up at the beach with a cold Corona in-hand, in your backyard while you listen to a sports podcast, or the parking lot while your significant other goes grocery shopping – you do you.

If you’re on the market for a sweet new portable stand, we’ve found ten options that will elevate your relaxation experience when spending time outdoors.

❤️ Model 💰 Price ⚖️ Weight limit
1. Vivere Double Hammock $150 450 lbs
2. AmazonBasics Hammock Stand $93 400 lbs
3. Sunnydaze Heavy-Duty Hammock Stand $162 550 lbs
4. OUTDOOR WIND Double Hammock $110 550 lbs
5. Zupapa Hammock $100 550 lbs
6. Patio Watcher Hammock $140 450 lbs
7. Sunnydaze Hanging Hammock Chair $179 330 lbs
8. Best Choice Products Hammock Stand $90 450 lbs
9. Goutime 9Ft Hammock $140 450 lbs

Without further ado, let’s dive straight into the very first hammock which is by far my favorite.

1. Vivere Double Hammock

This hammock stand is great for first-time hammock owners who are looking for something simple and affordable to do the job. The hammock is double in size, which means that you can sneak in some canoodling with your partner, without flipping out of it. The stand even comes with a hammock that is available in numerous colors, patterns, and fabrics. Every double hammock stand can hold up to 450 lbs and it even comes with a premium carry bag so that it can easily be taken everywhere with you.

An Amazon customer replaced her bed with the hammock and she writes, “this is the best purchase I have made in YEARS. I use this hammock as my bed replacement and I have never looked back.Every night, I have a little contented sigh of gratitude because I know I will sleep well.”

2. AmazonBasics Hammock Stand

If you like the simple things in life, like bread with butter and black coffee, this hammock stand is exactly what you need. It’s straightforward, easy to use, durable, and it’s steel exterior features a black finish, which makes it extra swanky. The AmazonBasics Hammock Stand stretches 9-feet long and can hold up to 400 lbs at a time. A hammock does not come included with this stand but it does come with a rather convenient carrying case.

Customer reviews suggest, if possible, to keep your hammock stand in a dry area when it’s raining outside. There have been a few instances of the steel stand legs rusting from exposure to the cold and wet elements.

3. Sunnydaze Heavy-Duty Steel Hammock Stand

The Sunnydaze Steel Hammock Stand is the mother of all portable hammock stands. Mark our words. This stand is ideal for people who consider themselves hammock connoisseurs as the price point is slightly higher than the others. However, this hammock stand can hold up to 550 lbs so there’s no need to feel self conscious climbing into the hammock after crushing a few campfire burgers. It wouldn’t be camping without eating yourself sick every single night.

This stand fits hammocks that are nine to 14 feet long. The Sunnydaze stand also comes with a one year warranty to ensure that customers don’t panic after purchasing. This model comes in black, bronze, or green.

4. OUTDOOR WIND Double Hammock

The OUTDOOR WIND portable hammock stand comes with a hammock and carrying case included. It’s easy to set up and the stand spans 10-feet, providing you with ample room to stretch out and daydream about your partner rolling up the sleeping bags without having to ask them multiple times. The hammocks fabric is extremely durable and each end features polyester strings that last longer than the strings made with cotton.

5. Zupapa Hammock

This is another hammock stand that is not for the faint of heart since it costs around $450 CAD. The portable and easily adjustable Zupapa stand comes with a hammock that can fit two people and hold up to 550 lbs. It also comes with a carrying bag. This is a great option for people who are looking to purchase a reliable hammock and stand set. The hammocks are available in pink stripe, multicolor stripe, blue stripe, green stripe, and more. Each is made from a polyester cotton fabric that is incredibly soft to the touch. There’s a huge chance that you’ll be falling asleep in this hammock every time you crawl into it.

One Amazon customer commented, “We love our hammock! My husband is a large man, ‘six-foot-three and almost 400 lbs, and the hammock holds him just fine.”

6. Patio Watcher Hammock

This is a very cost-effective hammock stand as it includes the hammock in its price. It’s great for beginners or people who are just breaking into the hammock scene.

The Patio Watcher stand and hammock also comes with a portable carrying case and is incredibly easy to set up. The steel stand and hammock makes a great gift for the campers or outdoor enthusiasts in your life.

One happy Patio Watcher steel stand and hammock owner reports, “My wife likes it so that’s really all that matters to me. Seems sturdy enough and it does dry out quickly. I don’t have any complaints thus far.”

7. Sunnydaze Hanging Hammock Chair

If laying down doesn’t make you feel relaxed and refreshed, perhaps sitting in a swinging chair will do the trick. A hammock chair is also a great alternative for those who live in constant fear of slipping their hammock, though this is a rare occurrence. The Sunnydaze Hanging Hammock Chair with Stand can be used outdoors while camping or chilling on the patio. It can hold up to 330 lbs and provides exceptional back support for reading or watching videos on your phone.

A Sunnydaze hanging chair owner writes on Amazon, “the best thing about this chair is that it has all the same feel of a regular hammock except you’re able to actually sit up instead of laying down.”

The hanging chair comes with a one-year warranty.

8. Best Choice Products Hammock Stand

This portable hammock stand is sturdy and powder-coated to limit wear and tear from the outdoor elements. It can hold up to 450 lbs and comes with a sleek black carrying case. However, it does not come with a hammock.

One of the product reviews notes that “the stand is easy to assemble on your own and is sturdy once everything is properly tightened. It can support a variety of hammock sizes with the adjustable hooks. The carrying case was a nice bonus to have.”

9. Goutime 9ft Hammock

Last but definitely not least, we have the Goutime 9-feet Heavy-Duty Steel Hammock Stand. This hammock’s powder-coated steel posts are rust and corrosion resistant. The stand allows you to adjust its heights to accommodate your personal hammock preferences.

The Goutime portable stand can hold up to 450 lbs.

Final thoughts

That’s a wrap. I hope you find an awesome portable hammock stand, and that you’ll enjoy it as much as you hopefully enjoyed reading this article. I’m a huge fan of the Vivere Double Hammock and would definitely recommend it.