Nissan is one of the most beloved and esteemed car manufacturers in the business today, and it’s been that way for quite some time now.

Their Armada SUV lineup, many would say, has been one of the best models that they’ve ever produced. We’re not going to try to bore you with the history of the car model, but the Nissan Armada has been around since 2004.

On top of many amazing features such as ample cargo space and a family-friendly size, the Nissan Armada has also been well-known over the years for its towing capacity. It’d be easy to say, in fact, that the Nissan Armada towing capacity has been one of the standout features of the model since the very beginning.

Yet, let’s be real here for a second, if all you’re looking for is towing capacity, the Nissan Armada is probably not going to be the top choice.

That’s not to contradict what we got finished just saying about it, but rather is to point out that the Armada is more of a total package of sorts for families.

However, you didn’t come here to learn all the ins and outs of this vehicle model. Nah, you want to know how much a beast it is, right? Is that fair? Alright, let’s get into the meat and potatoes of this bad boy.

What is the Nissan Armada’s towing capacity?

This simple question is going to explain quite a lot and, thankfully, car manufacturers are usually pretty straightforward when it comes to detailing the towing capacities of their respective vehicles.

Well, at least when their vehicles are known for towing, but we digress.

When it comes to answering this question, though, the year of the model in question also has to be considered.

For the Nissan Armada, the towing specs haven’t changed much over the years. Since its inception in 2004, the vehicle model has had close to the same towing capacity (varying between 6.500 and 9.100 pounds).

For the purposes of this question, however, let’s look specifically at the 2022 design.

The 2022 Armada has an advertised maximum towing capacity of 8.500 pounds, and also a maximum payload capacity of 1.634 pounds.

Hold on a second…what is this “maximum payload capacity” all about? There’s actually a very simple difference between the two specifications.

  • The towing capacity of a vehicle refers to the maximum weight that it can tow after additional variables (such as any cargo present and the weight of the vehicle) have been factored in.
  • The payload capacity of a vehicle refers to the maximum weight that can be added into its cargo area, while also factoring in its curb weight.

See, we told you it was simple. Now, considering this article is all about towing, payload capacity doesn’t really have to be worried about right now.

Nissan’s weight-distributing hitch system

Alright, it’s time to talk about something that Nissan owners who plan to use their respective vehicles for towing need to be aware of.

In fairness, most of you who tow with your Nissan probably already know this information, but we still feel it’s imperative to discuss.

For many different Nissan models (including the Armada), the vehicle manufacturer recommends installing their weight-distributing hitch ball mount system if trailers over 5.000 pounds in weight are being towed.

As will be detailed here in a second, travel trailers can exceed 5.000 pounds in weight, making the aforementioned system basically required.

If you want to learn more about that system and anything else associated with Nissan towing (in general), they have a towing guide that details quite a bit.

So, can the darn thing tow a travel trailer or what?

Yes, we know, we’ve taken a long time to finally get to this question.

However, after detailing the Nissan Armada towing capacity already, many have probably already answered this question on their own.

The simple answer is yes, the Nissan Armada can handle a travel trailer. As expected, though, there is more than meets the eye with this question.

First off, travel trailers are basically just non-motorized RVs. Many different trailers can be classified as travel trailers. Due to this, they can vary quite a bit when it comes to their size and subsequently their weight. In fact, they can vary by upward of 10.000 pounds, with smaller travel trailers possibly being as light as 1.500 pounds.

If we’re talking averages, you can expect smaller ones to be right around 3.000 pounds. Some larger ones can get over 10.000 pounds, but those types of travel trailers are beasts, to say the least.

So, taking the 2022 Nissan Armada towing capacity into consideration, in specific, which is up to 8.500 pounds, it can handle a wide variety of travel trailers.

All we can say is this, just understand all the specs.

Know the specific towing capacity of your current Armada model (which can easily be done with a Google search) and also know the weight of your travel trailer.

Additionally, don’t forget to keep in mind any cargo that’s stored in the travel trailer on the road as this is going to add to the overall weight.

Oh, and speaking of trailers, have you ever wondered how long the tires last on those bad boys? You can find that out right here.

Our closing thoughts

You know, that’s pretty much all she wrote (literally, even though a guy wrote this).

There aren’t too many travel trailers that will exceed the average Nissan Armada towing capacity, but some will. At the end of the day, being the proud owner of an Armada, it’s ultimately your call how close you get to reaching that maximum rating.