I’ve been looking at minivan camper conversions on YouTube for a while and I’m fascinated by how awesome some conversions end up being.

Converting your minivan into a camper is a great way to save tens of thousands of dollars instead of buying a brand new RV from your local RV dealer.

That’s why I’ve spent a good amount of time putting together these 7 minivan camper conversions from couples on YouTube.

I’ll be covering:

  1. Kyle and Madison’s Honda Conversion
  2. Kendall & Glenn’s Westfalia Conversion
  3. Chad & Claire’s Ford Conversion
  4. Natalie and Shelton’s Dodge Conversion
  5. Andrew & Katie’s ambulance Conversion

Let’s dive straight into the first conversion which is by far my favorite.

1. Kyle and Madison’s Honda conversion

Kyle and Madison managed to convert an old Honda into a stealthy camper van with running water, electricity, and tons of storage.

At a first glimpse, it doesn’t look so impressive. But they managed to utilize every little inch of space in a really creative manner. They’ve made a sofa from old mattresses that can be folded into a bed when it’s time to sleep.

But what about storage? You might ask. Well, they’ve left room for a massive room underneath the floor where they store all their blankets, pillows, dishes, etc. It can be accessed from the back of the vehicle as seen on the photo below.

The minivan conversion opens up from both sides of the vehicles for easier access to the kitchen which features a full-size sink with running water and enough space to make like 10 tacos at a time.

If you like your tacos small, heck, then you could maybe fit 20 at a time. Oh well, enough with the tacos. The water tank is 7 gallons and can be accessed from both sides of the vehicle.

And to top it all off, they’ve fitted a vent in the top of their minvan camper conversion to prevent steam from building up from inside the van.

Overall, it’s a super stealthy minivan conversion where every inch of space is utilized in a creative way.

If you want to watch their entire build, here's a link to their YouTube video where explain the build.

2. Kendall & Glenn’s Westfalia conversion

There’s nothing quite like a VW T3 Westfalia when it comes to van conversions. It’s such an iconic van – by far one of my favorite cars. I found a couple,Kendall and Glenn, who converted an old Westfalia into a full-blown RV.

It features a full-size double bed that’s actually quite spacious. It takes up the most of the vehichle and comes with a panoramic view which is just absolutely stunning.

They’ve also been creative when it comes to storage space. You’re able to fold the bed back and access the storage departments underneath. The folding feature is unlike anything I’ve seen before. It’s just a couple of henches. So simple!

One of the super cool things about having a Westfalia is the fact that you can lift the roof so you have room to stand up inside the vehichle. It’s easy peasy.

There’s a department under the bench in the middle of the vehiche which acts as a pop-out kitchen which comes with a portable stove and a built-in shelf. There’s not a lot of kitchen counter space in the minivan. But given it’s such a small van, it’s nice that there’s at least a little space to prepare your meals.

Overall, it’s a super cool VW minivan camper conversion by Kendall and Glenn. The space is utilized in such a way that it features a pretty decent kitchen, a full-size double bed, a ton of storage space, and even a refrigerator. The only thing it’s missing is a composable toilet.

If you want to watch their entire build, here's a link to their YouTube video where explain the build.

3. Chad & Claire’s Ford conversion

Chad and Claire have turned their Ford Transit Connect into a full-blown bug out van that comes with lots of great features. From the outside, it looks like a completely normal minivan, but it’s far from normal.

The sofa that Chad sits on can easily be folded into a full-sized double bed but also works great as a seating area when eating dinner, working, or playing games.

Their minivan camper conversion is a tad more primitive than the conversions we’ve already seen since it doesn’t feature a refrigerator. Instead, they’re using a thermo box that’s stowed away behind the right passenger seat to keep their foods and drinks cold.

They don’t have a composable toilet either. However, they’ve used a small toilet where they can throw away their waste in biodegradable bags. Quite inventive. They also have a small outdoor shower consisting of a bag that you can fill up with water and hang up, and a hose. Again, very primitive – but it works!

Chad and Claire also fitted quite a big desk that they’re using to eat and work from. It flips down and can easily be stowed away again when not in use. Behind the desk, they have a ton of storage space with pots and pans.

As previously mentioned, it’s radically different from the other minivan camper conversions we’ve seen already. However, I still wanted to include it since they’re so inventive with the space and have a ton of solutions for the problems you might encounter when converting a minivan.

If you want to watch their entire build, here's a link to their YouTube video where explain the build.

4. Natalie and Shelton’s Dodge conversion

Natalie got tired of paying enormous rent fees in Southern California so she took matters into her own hands and bought an old Dodge Ram from 1999 for $1.700 and spent $300 converting it into a minivan camper with her boyfriend.

When entering the Dodge from the right side, you’re met with a full-size double bed and a small compartment where you’re able to move around on. They’ve been very creative when it comes to decorating their van with plants, furniture, etc.

There’s no space for a desk so they’ve got a fold-out desk that they can stow away when they don’t need it. It’s fairly practical when eating or working on your laptop and takes up very little space.

Over the bed, there’s a long shelf filled with decoration that can also be used to store other stuff that you don’t know where to put. As seen on the photo below, there’s actually quite a lot of space in such a small minivan.

But where’s all the storage space then? You may ask. Well, the entire bed is lifted a foot or two so there’s a good amount of storage space below the bed for stuff such as pots, pans, toilet paper, towels, clothes, etc.

It’s a very practical and small van conversion, and it doesn’t have a toilet or a shower so you’re definitely not off-grid. However, it’s a perfect conversion for those who seek to park on campsites with toilets.

If you want to watch their entire build, here's a link to their YouTube video where explain the build.

5. Andrew & Katie’s ambulance conversion

This minivan camper conversion isn’t exactly a minivan but I just had to include it. Andrew and Katie bought an old ambulance and converted it into an off-grid van.

It comes with a full-size kitchen with TONS of space for utensils, a built-in oven that also features multiple stoves, and a built-in refrigerator. In other words, it’s pretty much a fully-equipped kitchen.

On the other side of the van, you’ll find a water hose and a full-size sink with a removable counter. The sink can also be used as an outdoor shower by pulling out the hose. It just doesn’t get better than that!

In the very end of the van, there’s a double bed with small, round windows that just screams old ambulance. They give the van an amazing vibe. It would be amazing if the bed was foldable but it’s not.

Moving towards the front of the van, there’s actually a closet that can fit shirts, shorts, jackets, shoes, towels, and anything else you might want to stow away. It’s quite uncommon to see closets in such a small van.

In the very end of the van, you’ll also be able to throw in a composite toilet, skateboards, bike racks, spare tires, water tanks, and much more. There’s a ton of space which is easily accessible from the back of the van.

Overall, they’ve made an amazing minivan conversion and really utilized all the space they had available. What I really like about their conversion is the fact that they used an old ambulance. It just has a vibe to it.

If you want to watch their entire build, here's a link to their YouTube video where explain the build.

Final thoughts

Minivan camper conversions come in all different sizes and there’s no right or wrong way to go about it. What’s important is to find creative ways to utilize the limited amount of space you have – whether that consists of making a foldable bed or throwing out some of your things.