10 Best & Most Functional Micro Campers

Do you want the functionality and versatility of an original camper but be able to tow it with practically any car? Here are the 10 best micro campers in our opinion.

white bean stock pulled by a white lexus through the woods

Picture it: you’re ready to be out on the open road with the wind blowing in your face, but where are you going to sleep? Traditional campers and trailers might be fun for the whole family, but if you’re traveling alone (or you’re just not an SUV or truck fan), a regular camper probably isn’t your best bet.

A solution that’s quickly gaining popularity among outdoor enthusiasts is the micro camper. Micro campers pack all the functionality and versatility of an original camper into a mini-sized package that you can tow with any car.

However, not all micro campers are made equal (and some of them are just junk) – so, here are our top ten micro camper picks for 2022.

1. TAXA Outdoors Cricket

Weighing around 1,800 pounds and being 15’ in length, the TAXA Outdoors Cricket is a lightweight micro camper, but it’s still got plenty of room. At full capacity, it can house two adults and two children, so it’s a good option for smaller families, singles, or couples that are planning to travel. When you’re not using the micro camper on the road, it’s easy to store in your garage.

As far as comfort goes, sleeping in the TAXA Cricket shouldn’t be uncomfortable. The micro camper has enough room to stand up straight, a pop-up roof for better ventilation, and five different mesh windows to keep the inside of the trailer from becoming too stuffy.

Noticeable features

  • Exterior shower
  • Furnace
  • Water heater
  • Full-size bed
  • Two-burner stove and sink
  • 15-gallon fresh water and 16-gallon grey water tanks
  • Pre-wired for solar panels

2. Polydrop P17

The Polydrop P17 gets its name from its geometric, teardrop shape. Not only does it include a rhino rack for transporting any gear that you may need while you’re on the road, but there’s a fantastic fan to provide better ventilation while you sleep or cook in the camper too.

What separates the Polydrop P17 trailer from some similar micro campers on the market are its added security features. There are four external security cameras that cover the perimeter of the trailer as well as a screen at the foot of the bed so that you can easily see what’s going on outside at all times.

Noticeable features

  • Four different security cameras
  • Twin size bed
  • Storage cubbies
  • Air conditioner unit
  • An awning to provide shade outside
  • Cooktop, sink, and a domestic refrigerator

3. Timberleaf Pika

If you’re traveling by yourself or just with another person, you may not need the extra space that wider, larger micro campers provide. In that case, the Timberleaf Pika may be the right option. This camper weighs just over 1,000 pounds, and is only 12’ in length. Its compact size also means that you can easily tow it with almost any vehicle that you have, including smaller or more compact cars.

Like many teardrop models, the Pika does feature an outdoor kitchen, but you’ll also get a double-sized mattress capable of fitting two, and plenty of storage space at the foot of the bed. If you enjoy cooking, you also probably won’t mind the extra counter space or the slide-out domestic fridge.

Noticeable features

  • Slide-out fridge and outdoor kitchen
  • Double-sized mattress
  • Storage space near the foot of the bed
  • Extra counter space

4. Little Guy MyPod

When most campers talk about being lightweight, they’re referring to any model that weighs in around 1,500 pounds or less. However, the Little Guy MyPod blows most “lightweight” options out the water  – this micro camper has a completely fiberglass body that only weighs around 630 pounds.

This teardrop camper is incredibly compact, but it does have enough room for a double-sized bed, an air conditioner, a fan, and even space to put a TV or computer.

Keep in mind that the MyPod’s compact size and lightweight body does come at a price  – you won’t get a kitchen area in the camper, so it may not be an ideal choice for long-term travel.

Noticeable features

  • Entertainment center
  • Double-size bed
  • AC unit and fantastic fan
  • Optional upgrades include a screened room attachment or a roof rack

5. Sylvan Sport GO

If you need a camper that doesn’t require a large truck or SUV to tow around, the Sylvan Sport GO packs plenty of amenities in a lightweight 840-pound package. Not to mention, it’s a multi-purpose camper designed to fit whatever you may need it to  – whether that’s a pop-up tent camper, a utility trailer, or even a transport for your gear.

When you’ve got it set up for camping, the Sylvan Sport GO has a 6.5’ ceiling, screened windows for better ventilation, and extra space to configure your camper into a kitchen or a bedroom. There’s also an awning that will provide 46 sq. feet of shaded, outdoor room.

The only downside to the Sylvan Sport GO is that it lacks some of the amenities you’d see with traditional micro campers. If it’s important that you have an exterior shower, a burner stove, or a domestic fridge, you may want to look at some of the other options on this list.

But if you need a roomy tent that’s easy to transport and can be used for different functions, the Sylvan Sport GO is a good pick.

Noticeable features

  • Outdoor awning
  • Extra room for sleeping
  • Functional as a utility trailer

6. Happier Camper HC1

If you’re on the lookout for a camper that’s easy to modify to fit your needs, the Happier Camper HC1 is a retro-style micro camper that allows you to do just that. This comes from the camper’s adaptive modular platform system, which gives the trailer a lot more potential.

If you’re bringing more people on a road trip, you can modify the layout to expand the sleeping area. Or, if you’re traveling solo and need a place to cook meals, you can switch the layout to include a kitchen area. At its base weight, the Happier Camper HC1 weighs just over 1,100 pounds, but with add-ons, the camper could weigh up to 1,800 pounds.

Noticeable features

  • Double-insulated fiberglass shell
  • Adaptive modular platform system
  • Wide entry door
  • Large panoramic windows

7. Hiker Trailer Highway Deluxe

Whether you’re headed for smooth, paved roads or gravel off-roading, the Hiker Trailer Highway Deluxe is designed to weather it all with ease. Many of the Hiker campers, including the Hiker Trailer Highway Deluxe, are more affordable compared to other campers on the market  – and they’re even easier to customize to fit your specific traveling needs.

When purchasing your Hiker trailer, you can pick from a range of different setups  – including options that are well-suited for extreme off-roading or just smooth highway driving. Some of the basic models may lack standard features you’d get with a more modern micro camper, but you always have the option to customize, and you can pick out the features you want (and don’t want).

Noticeable features

  • Fully customizable setups
  • Safety chains
  • 110-volt power strip

8. Tiny Camper Co 5×8 Rugged Rhino

Like the name suggests, the Rugged Rhino is meant for rugged living, and you can see that clearly reflected in the camper’s design. Not only does this model feature all-terrain jeep wheels that can handle extreme off-roading and dirt roads, but there’s a durable, marine-grade coating on the exterior of the camper to prevent it from getting damaged easily.

You’ll also find other marine technology, including marine-grade heaters for those bitter, cold winter nights and weather seals in case you run into a bad rainstorm. And, if you’re a fan of staying off-the-grid, you may also enjoy the optional solar panels that you can get with the Rugged Rhino as well.

For casual campers, the Rugged Rhino may be a little heavy-duty, but if you’re serious about boondocking or being off-the-grid, this may be a great pick.

Noticeable features

  • Weather seals and marine-grade exterior coating
  • Marine-grade heaters
  • Optional solar panels
  • Jeep all-terrain wheels

9. Scamp 13 Deluxe Camper

For long-time use, having an interior bathroom is extremely convenient  – and the Scamp 13 Deluxe Camper offers just that. While it’s a compact package, the Scamp 13 is set up like a lot of regular-sized campers are: there’s an all-in-one layout that includes your bathroom, your dining room, kitchen, and a sleeping area.

While the same company also offers the regular Scamp 13, this deluxe version already includes deluxe curtains, a carpet, and wall liners for a cozier feel.

Noticeable features

  • Interior bathroom
  • Carpet, wall liners, and curtains
  • Dining area

10. TAXA Woolly Bear

Some campers take compact to an entirely new level, and the Wooly Bear Micro Camper is one of them. While you’re traveling, the micro camper packs down to a lightweight popup camper that won’t get in your way, but when you’re ready to use it, it’s easy to transform into a spacious living area.

The camper divides into two major sections: the top of the camper is set up as a sleeping area that’s capable of comfortably holding two to three people. The bottom section, however, is meant as a storage space for your camping gear as well as a pull-out kitchen for preparing meals on the go.

Although it’s right around 1,200 pounds, you don’t need a large truck to pull this camper  – you should be able to transport it just fine with a mid-size car or small SUV.

Noticeable features

  • Pull-out kitchen
  • Full-size tent for sleeping
  • Heavy-duty cargo deck
  • Cargo capacity of 830 pounds

Who needs a micro camper?

If you’re on the lookout for a new camper or trailer, it’s hard to know if a micro camper is right for you or if you need to upgrade to a regular-sized trailer.

Small families

For a family of seven, a micro camper is going to feel more like a nightmare than a dream come true. However, for smaller families or couples, micro campers eliminate the unnecessary space.  Up to four people, especially if one or two of these people are children, can fit comfortably in most micro campers.

Some micro campers may feature an even more compact size for one or two travelers, while others are designed for multiple people.

Sedan, minivan or SUV owners

RVs and regular-sized campers usually require a large SUV or truck to pull them, which leaves sedan, minivan, and small SUV owners in the lurch. This is where micro campers come in  – while most of these campers are usually under 2,000 pounds (with some models being less than 1,000), you don’t need to purchase a large vehicle just to tow them around.

This doesn’t mean that truck or SUV lovers can’t still end up towing around the micro camper of their dreams  – it just means that they don’t have to.

Campers on a budget

Since micro campers tend to be more affordable, they lend themselves well to campers that may be on a budget. Some outdoorsmen may also choose to save a little money on purchasing a micro camper, and then spend more of their budget on customizations or modifying the micro camper to meet their needs. And, really, what’s better  – getting a little extra space, or being able to convert your micro camper into the bachelor pad of your dreams?

Some micro campers may come with all the add-ons you need, while other base models don’t contain more than a sleeping area and storage space.

Career travelers

If you’re traveling solo for your career, micro campers are a good pick. Rather than constantly spending money on hotel rooms or gas-guzzling RVs and trucks, towing a micro camper with an economical vehicle may be the way to go.

Final thoughts

Micro campers are only becoming more popular amongst outdoor enthusiasts since these trailers tend to be easy to customize and gentle on the wallet. However, with hundreds of options and models on the market, it’s hard to know which campers are worth it  – and which ones aren’t.

Fortunately, the top picks we’ve listed above shouldn’t leave you stranded on the side of the road. If you’re in the market for a new micro camper for 2022, check out the ten best models we’ve listed for you above!