What's the Longest 5th Wheeler Ever Made?

Fifth wheelers are typically pretty beefy but the 5 fifth wheelers we're covering in this article breaks every scale - coming in at a whopping 40+ feet long!

dodge ram towing big fifth wheeler

If you’re in the market for a really long fifth-wheeler or just curious as to how long the longest one ever made is or was, you’re in the right place. Fifth-wheel trailers can get pretty crazy in terms of size, and the current, longest fifth-wheeler also happens to be the largest fifth-wheeler.

Officially, the Spacecraft RV is supposedly the longest, however, according to Grand Design, the largest, longest, and most spacious fifth-wheeler ever built is their very own Solitude S-Class 2022 375-RES-R. The solitude is a 41’4” monster with a hitch weight of 2,900lbs and a GVWR of 16,800lbs.

If there is a longer 5th-wheeler out there, it's a customized or photoshopped deal. Speaking of photoshop, you have to be careful what you buy into when it comes to measuring contests. For instance, there is this gem, which is clearly a photoshop and not a true 5th-wheeler.

The Spacecraft RV

The reason the Spacecraft RV isn’t officially the largest fifth-wheeler on the market today is that it is not a traditional fifth-wheeler. You can’t haul the Spacecraft RV with almost anything in the standard vehicle market.

The other problem with the Spacecraft RV is that most states would have a serious problem with you hauling this thing down one of their roads. You would also be required to have a Class A CDL license.

As far as lugging the thing around, you would have to have a semi-truck. You’re not going to do a quick install of a fifth-wheel hitch and grab one of these monstrosities. Everyone will laugh as your suped-up F-350 blows a gasket along with a rod or two.

Last but not least, the Spacecraft RV is not something that is sold to the public but passed down within the family that designed it. Occasionally, they will donate one of them to close friends, but Spacecraft RVs are never listed for public sales or access.

The Grand Design Solitude fifth-wheeler

This gigantic 5th-wheeler received the Trailer Life Choice Gold Award in 2019, and it is essentially a house on wheels. It's 8’4” wide and 41’4” long, all enclosed by an Astro-Foil membrane.

Make no mistake, this isn’t just the largest 5th-wheel design on the planet, it's also a high-end luxury camper. The master bedroom is large enough to comfortably fit a king-size bed or a smaller queen if you prefer some additional living space.

It has walk-in wardrobes and a powder room because you know a 5th-wheel simply isn’t complete without a powder room adjacent to the bathroom. It even has plenty of room for a full-size washer and dryer, which is a rare luxury in even large campers.

  • Comes with an OLED TV set
  • Prepped for solar with a 300W panel and a 2000W inverter
  • 50A electrical system with a 55A converter
  • 18 cubic foot propane refrigerator
  • Solid surface counters ringed with LED lights
  • 4000 Gel-Coat coating over the entire exterior
  • Frameless, tinted windows
  • The roof is TPO Membrane
  • 35,000BTU furnace
  • 40,000BTU fireplace
  • Two 15,000BTU Stealth Air Conditioners
  • RV Airflow System
  • Six-point hydraulic, self-leveling system
  • Auto-deploying SolidStep steps
  • Exterior storage drawers that can hold up to two large kayaks

You’re probably getting the picture here, and a base model without all of the extras will run you a cool $150k. In some states, you can purchase a reasonably nice house for a similar amount. So what is considered to be the biggest 5th-wheeler available today will cost you a pretty penny.

There are comparable designs from competing brands, such as Pinnacle Fifth Wheel, North Point, and Alliance.

Largest and longest fifth-wheelers on the market today

Now, you’ve probably seen fifth-wheelers on the market that are supposedly longer than the Grand Solitude’s 41 and a half feet. The problem is, that none of them are officially labeled as the longest fifth-wheeler for whatever reason.

In previous articles, we have mentioned the fact that the manufacturer’s listed dimensions on their respective sites are not always correct. The reasoning behind that is never clearly addressed. The Grand Solitude holds the “official” title for having the longest and largest 5th-wheeler, for what it's worth.

Other fifth-wheelers are either right behind it or listed as longer, though not officially.

2022 Eclipse Attitude Stellar 3928XR

The 3928XR is long by necessity, but it's not a traditional fifth-wheeler. A significant portion of its 44’ length is dedicated to toy hauler status. The available sleeping space is limited to four people.

It includes an open design, with the garage portion running directly into the living room, so you can watch TV and rest your soda on the front of your four-wheeler. The Stellar has a GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Ratio) of 19,000lbs, and a significant portion of that is due to the strengthened framework that makes it a capable toy hauler.

It does have the added bonus of having a large master bedroom that can accommodate a king-size bed with an adjacent master bathroom. Strangely enough, its massive, 150-gallon fresh water storage tank is entirely dedicated to the master bathroom, which is the only bathroom.

Forest River Cedar Creek Silverback Edition 35LFT

Leave it to the manufacturers of these campers to come up with a name that’s so long, that even someone who has owned it for five years couldn’t tell you the name in its entirety. We’re just going to call this 41’ fifth-wheeler the "Forest River".

It has a GVWR of 16,050lbs and has a pretty neat loft in the office, which is something that you don’t see very often in campers of any kind. The entire setup is an open design, with one room naturally flowing into the next.

Like the others above, this fifth-wheeler has enough space to fit a king-size bed and includes what they call a “master suite” because only a camper this large could be considered that high-level.

The shower is big enough to have a seat in it where most camper enthusiasts are just happy enough when they can turn around in the shower without brushing the walls.

2021 Keystone Montana 3763BP Fifth-Wheel RV

Another 41’ fifth-wheel, or so they proclaim, the Keystone Montana has a 16,980 GVWR. This one is not technically large until you spread out its five slide-out sections, which is a noticeable size improvement. It’s about as close as we can get to Transformers in real life.

As big as it is, it sounds a bit limited with only a 6-person accommodation, but much of the size is dedicated to the living room and kitchen. In fact, the kitchen is the primary selling point and is large enough to have a sink and garbage disposal island in the center, with some counter space.

The kitchen includes a butler pantry because, of course, it does. Keystone decided to sacrifice a second bathroom to make room for the butler pantry. So, despite its size, the Keystone Montana 3763BP is a one-bathroom affair.

The washer and dryer hookups accommodate the full-size appliance versions but sacrifice a bit of leg room since they are located in the master bedroom. Speaking of the master bedroom, it's large enough to hold a queen size bed while leaving enough space to walk around.

What is the longest camper allowed in state parks?

rv parked in a state park

Aside from federal law, which doesn’t allow for anything longer than 45’ on most major highways in the United States, you may as well mark all of the state and national parks off of your destination list if you have one of these super-long fifth-wheelers.

The maximum recommended length of any kind of camper in state parks is 30’. For federal parks, it's even shorter at 29’. None of the above-listed fifth-wheelers are allowed in a single state or federal park in the entire country.

How Do Campgrounds Measure Trailer Length?
Are you going on a trip but don’t know how campgrounds measure the length of your trailer? It’s almost essential to know if you want your trip to succeed.

If you’re into cross-country travel, you will have to factor this into your travel itinerary. While you will probably find campgrounds that are willing to accommodate your monster fifth-wheeler, it will be difficult to find them on a good day.

The reality is, that most campgrounds simply don’t design their lots long enough to accommodate something that is 40 + feet in length. This doesn’t include the large vehicle you are going to need to tow it. After all, you’re not going to haul one of these things around in a Jeep.

While you might be riding high over the fifth-wheeler that you just purchased because it's longer than your house, be prepared to run into difficulties if you want to travel. It's certainly not the end of the world, and you will be able to find campgrounds that will accept a really long fifth-wheeler.

Final thoughts

There are really long fifth-wheelers that are not road legal, such as the Spacecraft RV. Then there are traditional fifth-wheelers, like the Solitude S-Class. And last but not least, the combo fifth-wheel/toy haulers.

When it comes to the traditional fifth-wheeler, the Solitude is officially the longest out there. But, let’s be honest, it would be really cool to have a Spacecraft RV hooked up to a semi.