At one point during pretty much everyone’s life (and more than once for most people), there’s going to come a time when you require the help of a vehicle rental service. And there might not be a more popular one than U-Haul. More than likely, you’ve seen U-Haul trucks and trailers on the road before.

Depending on how often you drive, you may see them weekly or even daily. Most people either don’t own the necessary truck and trailer to move what they need or simply need a bigger truck and trailer to avoid multiple trips. Either way, U-Haul helps literally millions of people around the world.

However, you didn’t come here to listen to us praise the services that U-Haul provides. Instead, you came here to learn the following.

How old do you have to be to rent U-Haul? To rent a trailer, customers must be at least 16 years of age. To rent a truck, customers must be at least 18 years of age. That answer comes straight from the main website of the company, for the record, much like all the answers will to the rest of the questions that we’ll answer for you.

In other words, you can trust all the information we provide (as always) to you in this post. Yet, what else is there really to address? Regarding the question of how old do you have to be to rent U-Haul, not a whole lot, quite frankly.

There’s still an abundance of information that you’re going to want to know in relation to that question, though, such as license requirements and reasons why you’d even want to rent from U-Haul, in the first place.

Do you need a special driver’s license to rent equipment?

Driving instructor explaining to a student with trafic cone
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To rent the trucks and trailers that U-Haul provides, you will need to complete a rigorous, 128-hour training period with a certified U-Haul official. Alright, alright, we’re just having a little bit of fun there. No, that’s not true at all. All you need to rent a truck or trailer from U-Haul is a valid, government-issued driver’s license.

U-Haul notes that digital licenses are not accepted, and they also have an exception in Quebec that a Class 3 Driver’s License is required to operate their 26-foot truck. Very interesting. Though that’s not something most people will have to worry about.

Regarding CDLs and whether those are required or not, U-Haul trucks aren’t considered commercial vehicles. Due to this, a commercial driver’s license (CDL) isn’t going to be required in order for you to drive a U-Haul truck.

On another note, those who only have a temporary license looking to rent a U-Haul are in luck. The company mentions that those with only temporary licenses can indeed rent a U-Haul.

What forms of identification do you need in the United States?

While you’re clearly going to need to have your valid driver’s license with you when you rent a U-Haul, you’re also going to need another form of identification to rent from the company. They mention that other common forms of accepted identification include paychecks, valid United States passports, and either credit or debit cards.

Can you add drivers, and will U-Haul charge you if you do?

The question of how old do you have to be to rent U-Haul also comes into play with this question. After all, you’re allowed to let someone else drive the rental vehicle that you rent out. However, it can’t just be some random Joe Schmo that you allow to drive the vehicle. The driver you give permission to must also be at least 18 years of age and possess a valid driver’s license.

The good news, additionally, is U-Haul isn’t going to charge you if you allow someone else to drive. However, the additional driver will need to show a valid driver’s license and an additional form of identification just as you would if you wanted to rent a vehicle.

How do you find a U-Haul near you?

U-Haul is pretty large and is virtually everywhere in the world. So, finding out the answer to the question of how old do you have to be to rent U-Haul can be beneficial for literally millions of people in the world. The best way to find a dealer nearest you is to use the company’s location finder. The link provided will take you straight there.

How much does a U-Haul trailer weigh?

Instead of answering this question here, we’ve actually already created a post detailing how much a U-Haul trailer weighs.

Why even rent from U-Haul, in the first place?

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If you’ve come here today trying to figure out if you’re old enough (or perhaps if a friend or child you have is old enough) to rent from U-Haul, then you probably already know why you want to rent from them. Perhaps you’ve used them in the past or perhaps you’re like virtually everyone else who’s known they’ve existed but has never actually tried them out.

Either way, most people know that they offer trucks and trailers to rent for customers who need larger stuff transported. But we just wanted to detail some of the main reasons why it can benefit you to rent from U-Haul. No, we have no affiliation with them whatsoever, but we ourselves have used the company successfully in the past.

Renting a pickup truck for personal items

Renting a U-Haul doesn’t have to be reserved for moving to a new apartment or home where you need to literally move everything you own. Renting a simple pickup truck can be useful if you buy a new piece of furniture but don’t want to pay the delivery fee for the company to deliver it and don’t have a pickup truck yourself. That’s just one example.

Towing a trailer with a pickup truck

Most people who own a trailer will have a vehicle that can tow it. Yet, perhaps someone’s letting you borrow their trailer, but you need to borrow a pickup truck to haul the trailer around. The good news is all U-Haul pickup trucks come with a hitch installed, so you can use them to tow a trailer if need be.

Renting a truck or trailer for special events

This one’s a lot more situational but maybe you have a special event that you’re in charge of hosting (or even just helping to host). Moving a lot of bulk cargo could be made much easier with either a truck or trailer from U-Haul. Sure, this will always come with an additional charge of renting from U-Haul, but it could also provide a lot of conveniences.

Their trucks and trailers come in various sizes

If there’s one really, really convenient aspect about U-Haul it’s the fact that they offer a wide range of trucks and trailers. The answer to the question of how old do you have to be to rent U-Haul doesn’t change with the sizes (just with renting either a truck or a trailer), though, so that’s a good thing. From a small 8-foot pickup truck to a massive 26-foot moving truck, the company truly has a little something for everyone’s moving needs. The same goes with their trailers as they have different styles and sizes that you can pick from.

Designed to be convenient

U-Haul designs its equipment to be convenient to the customer. Take the loading ramps that come equipped with their trucks 15 feet or greater in length, for example. And all their moving trucks are engineered so that the loading deck is as low to the ground as possible.

Designed to be safe

In addition to being convenient, U-Haul trucks and trailers are also engineered to be safe. Trucks 15 feet or greater in length will come with a Mom’s attic, which can allow your more fragile items a secure place away from your heavier items. Regular maintenance is performed to ensure all equipment is working properly at all times, and mechanical issues will be met by 24-hour roadside assistance from the company.

What happens if your U-Haul gets stolen?

This is the last thing you want to deal with, but we thought we’d make mention of it. If you purchase coverage for the trailer or truck, it will likely be covered by the rental company. However, stolen belongings will not be covered.

Of course, for extra precaution, you could lock the U-Haul trailer (if you go with a trailer).

Final thoughts

How old do you have to be to rent U-Haul really isn’t a question, in and of itself, that needed a lot of detail. For a trailer, you need to be at least 16 years of age and that increases to 18 if you want to rent a truck. The other information detailing license and identification requirements was also hopefully useful to you.

The reality is there aren’t very many restrictions when it comes to renting from U-Haul. They’re very accessible and that’s one of the many reasons why they’re so popular and well-known.

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