How Much Can a Honda Ridgeline Tow?

Wondering how many pounds the Honda Ridgeline can tow - and whether or not you're able to tow a camper with it? Let's dive straight into the details!

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When you hear or see someone refer to Honda, you typically don’t think about a midsize pickup truck. Let’s just say that the car manufacturer isn’t exactly known for its line of top-end pickup trucks. Yet, there’s quite the fantastic Honda out there with a cargo bed, and it’s the Ridgeline.

The Ridgeline sports a standard crew cab to provide a roomy and comfortable experience, while the 3.5L V6 engine delivers the power. Being a midsize pickup truck would mean the truck model is rigged to tow, right?

Yes, the Honda Ridgeline towing capacity ensures that the truck is more than capable in this area. However, when compared to top-end diesel trucks on the market, it’s not exactly going to hold a candle in the towing department.

No worries as Honda didn’t design their Ridgeline to compete with the top trucks in the world regarding towing capacity. Then again, it can still tow.

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What is the Honda Ridgeline towing capacity?

As with most vehicle models out there, determining towing capacity is going to depend on how the vehicle is equipped. With the Ridgeline, the same concept applies. The base 2WD system that can be equipped with the truck will allow it to tow up to 3.500 pounds.

Yet, there’s an available AWD system that can be equipped which can increase that towing capacity to 5.000 pounds. There are multiple trims available for this truck, but the AWD system is the one you want (regardless of the trim level) if you want the maximum Honda Ridgeline towing capacity of 5.000 pounds.

Features that assist in the towing of the Ridgeline

There’s a slew of features that help this model of truck achieve the towing performance that it sports. It all starts with the 3.5L V6 engine, of course, which provides 262 lb.-ft of torque and 280 hp. Not overly ridiculous specs and performance in the power area, but you can tell that the Ridgeline is capable in the power field.

Additionally, it can be equipped with a few different smart features to make the towing experience even smoother and better. This includes an integrated Class III trailer hitch, truck-bed lights, and even heavy-duty truck bed tie-down cleats.

How does the Honda Ridgeline perform while towing?

The Honda Ridgeline towing capacity only tells so much of the story when it comes to the towing performance of the vehicle. The real question is when actually towing with this truck, how does it perform? Well, thankfully, Motortrend tested it and shared their results and experience with anyone looking to use the Ridgeline for towing.

As Motortrend notes, the curb weight of the Ridgeline isn’t exactly heavy as it clocks in at 4,510 pounds. For stability purposes, this made them somewhat worried that there would be an issue of tail wag. Coupled with this concern is the fact that single-axle trailers don’t necessarily have the most optimal stability out there.

However, their worries were no longer after they tested the Ridgeline, as they noted how the truck did a tremendous job of remaining straight and handling, in general. Both the rear suspension and the truck’s tongue weight had no negative handling effects during their testing.

The one area they claimed was somewhat of an issue while towing was the nine-speed automatic transmission. When under the heavier load, they mentioned that the transmission would shift up and down gears more than other transmissions. Motortrend attributed this to both a lack of a dedicated Tow/Haul mode and also due to the large range of available gear ratios.

Other than that, the V6 engine and shifting of the transmission, overall, remains very smooth while towing.

What can be towed with the Honda Ridgeline?

We’re just going to assume a properly equipped Honda Ridgeline towing capacity of 5.000 pounds for the purposes of this question.

In general, what can then be towed with it? There’s actually quite a bit that this can handle at 5.000 pounds, but it’s always worth mentioning that it’s good practice to remain a safe distance (10 to 20 percent) away from the maximum towing capacity of any vehicle.

So, with that in mind, here are some common trailers that a Ridgeline could safely handle.

Small campers

Smaller campers can weigh anywhere between 500 to 4.500 pounds. So, virtually all smaller camper trailers will be fine with this truck.

This can also include pop-up campers which tend to weigh anywhere from 1.400 to 4.000 pounds. This is all just dry weight, so you also have to account for cargo, fuel, etc.

Boat trailers

Boat trailers are also ideal as they can weigh anywhere from 100 to 4.500 pounds.

Depending on the length of the trailer and what boat it’s designed to carry, the Ridgeline offers a lot of flexibility if you want to tow different types of boats.

5th wheel trailers… or?

5th wheel trailers… Nah, we’re just messing around. This isn’t even going to get close to being able to handle a 5th wheel, as those suckers average around 13.000 pounds in dry weight.

Final thoughts

The Honda Ridgeline towing capacity of 5.000 pounds (or 3.500 pounds if you opt for the base 2WD system) is going to be ideal for most of you reading this currently. Then again, it was never designed to be a towing powerhouse for commercial applications or anything like that.

Even for those of you who are looking to haul a large RV, this isn’t a great choice. The Ridgeline is more of a hybrid SUV and truck fused together. This makes sense given that Honda doesn’t exactly spend their time designing top-end pickup trucks. It has many outstanding features that weren’t talked about in this post, but that’s because we wanted to focus specifically on the towing capacity.

Again, 5.000 pounds is very respectable and can handle a lot. For the purposes of sheer power and towing performance, however, there are certainly superior trucks on the market. Oh, and if you enjoyed this read, perhaps you’d also be interested in learning if a Ford Bronco can safely tow a camping trailer? Just click that link if you are!