How Much Can a Honda Odyssey Tow?

Are you going on vacation in your Honda Odyssey and wondering how big of a travel trailer you can tow with it? In this artlcle, we're taking a look at its towing capacity.

white honda odyssey towing grey camper trailer

When you first look at the Honda Odyssey, it wouldn’t strike you as a vehicle that’s ready to take on a heavy load regarding towing. While that’s more or less a fair statement, the Odyssey can come equipped with the ability to tow some toys.

It’s dubbed the fun family minivan, so you better believe that Honda engineered it to be able to tow a trailer to be able to have some fun while camping, going on a vacation, you name it. With seating for up to eight people and many safety features, it truly is a vehicle for the entire family to enjoy.

So, that then begs the question, what is the Honda Odyssey towing capacity. Well, let’s answer that question…

What is the towing capacity of a Honda Odyssey?

Do you want to hear an interesting story about flowers? Okay, okay, we’re done dragging this out for effect. The 2022 Odyssey is capable of towing up to 3.500 pounds when properly equipped. Every single trim level can handle this load, again, when properly equipped with the towing package that’s offered by Honda.

Quite honestly, there’s a lot you can pull with that capacity. No, the Odyssey isn’t the ideal vehicle of choice for pulling a decently sized camper, but it can handle some fishing boats, utility trailers, jet skis, and other fun toys and equipment.

Regarding the power of the Odyssey, it’s equipped with a 3.5L V6 engine with 262 lb.-ft of torque and 280 horsepower. Along with that is a 10-speed automatic transmission.

The Odyssey towing package

As we just mentioned, in order to obtain the maximum capacity of 3.500 pounds of towing, the Odyssey will have to be equipped with the available towing package. Said package is pretty standard when it comes to modern vehicle offerings, and here’s what you get with it (past the tow hitch itself which will come with it).

  • Trailer hitch ball: This is available in either 1 7/8-inch or 2-inch
  • Trailer hitch locking pin: This is to add an extra layer of security
  • Trailer hitch harness: Coming with this is a seven-pin, round-style connector
  • Trailer hitch receiver: Included with this is a clip, retaining pin, and a ball mount receiver

All of the above components and the tow hitch itself need to be equipped in order for the Odyssey to tow the way it was ultimately designed to.

The Odyssey’s towing features

As with most vehicles, when talking about the Honda Odyssey towing capacity, it doesn’t end there when you want to discuss towing with the minivan. Honda designed its minivan with some very handy and excellent features that make the towing performance and overall experience improved overall.

The rear-view camera

When it comes to backing up, thanks to the advances in technology, it’s never been easier than before. That goes with the Odyssey too as the infotainment system’s screen will display what’s behind you when this sucker’s backing up. The multi-angle rearview camera also has guidelines to make it even easier when you need to line up the hitch with your trailer.

Specific performance features

Two very important technologies come with the Odyssey. Firstly, you have the Intelligent Traction Management system, which comes standard, and this helps to get both the minivan and your trailer through tougher weather. Secondly, the hill start assist helps when you’re stuck facing steep inclines with your trailer.

Driver-assistance features

The best modern towing SUVs and minivans typically will come with a variety of driver-assistance features to help you along the way, and the Odyssey is certainly no different. Two of the most notable are the Adaptive Cruise Control which helps to adjust your speed to keep up and match the flow of traffic, and also the Blind Spot Information System with Cross Traffic Monitor. That system makes it much safer to change lanes while you’re driving on the freeway.

Impressive cargo room and payload capacity

Considering the Odyssey is a minivan, you better believe that Honda designed it to be able to handle some cargo. And handle some cargo it can as it has a cargo rating, so to speak, of 88.8 cubic feet. Of course, you’ll need to use the fold-down 3rd-row Magic Seat (as Honda calls it) to be able to utilize all the room.

Oh, but we didn’t tell the entire story. When utilizing the Magic Slide 2nd-row seats, the maximum cargo room can be expanded to 144.9 cubic feet. Yeah, let’s just say that the Odyssey can be used as a hoarder’s dream.

As for the payload capacity, it’s 1.621 pounds. However, keep in mind that this also takes into consideration passenger weight. Remember, it can seat up to eight people so if you have a full load of people inside, you won’t be able to pack much. That’s to be expected anyway, though, as you can only utilize all the cargo space if you’re able to fold and slide some seats.

Final thoughts

Regarding specifically towing, the Honda Odyssey towing capacity is actually pretty darn good when you compare it to other likewise vans on the market. It’s not as if a minivan’s going to be designed like a heavy-duty pickup truck will be regarding towing.

So, at 3.500 pounds, that’s more or less a really good number for a minivan. This will allow you to tow some fun toys with you for the entire family to enjoy. Heck, it could even handle some lighter travel trailers. Arguably, what’s more impressive about the Odyssey is the cargo space and payload capacity.

Then again, this is a minivan we’re talking about here. Really, no matter how you slice it, this van was designed to tow and haul. It has limitations, yes, but that’s not really a surprise.

However, if you’re in the market for a Honda pickup truck and want to see what that’d be capable of in terms of towing, you might want to check out this article that details the Honda Ridgeline towing capacity.