What's the Average Height of a Caravan?

Are you taller than most other people and are looking for a caravan that you can feel comfortable in? Here's what you need to know about the height of caravans.

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Some people really enjoy cathedral ceilings or high ceilings in their own homes. That sense of space and roomy organization transfers to their ideas of the perfect caravan. High ceilings are nice, spacy, and convenient, especially if you’re a tall person. But what’s the average height of a caravan? Can you expand it or find one that has very high ceilings?

Fortunately, the average caravan ceiling is pretty high, from 8’ 8” to 10’ 8”. For obvious reasons, if you go for a caravan over 10’ tall, you’ll pay a premium for all that extra space.

So the odds are, even if you are a pretty tall individual, you’ll have a good deal of overhead space inside a caravan. That holds true regardless of how short or long a caravan is. The average height of a caravan is determined by long and short caravans alike.

What are the pros and cons of high ceilings in a caravan?

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As with everything in life, some pros and cons come with higher caravan ceilings. If you have a short caravan, high ceilings create the illusion of extra space. Of course, they create that illusion with longer caravans, but the effect is more audacious with a short caravan.

It also allows for more window space and gives the room a brighter lighting effect. Throughout the winter months, better lighting from the outside reduces your heating costs. It’s also helpful to your battery with more light reducing the need for interior lights.

A caravan isn’t the same as your home when it comes to decorating, but higher ceilings will give you more options. The aesthetics of your caravan make it a more comfortable and home-like space.

If you ever decide to sell your caravan, you will likely get more money for higher ceilings than you would for a longer caravan. High ceilings have an immense appeal for caravan buyers on the hunt for a roomy environment on the go.

The acoustics are better as well, especially if you enjoy music and TV entertainment. If you have an Amazon Echo or something similar, you will get a lot more out of it if you have a high ceiling. That can also be a detriment, as everything is louder in a spacier environment.

Pros Cons
Increases the impression of size and space Maintenance is more difficult
Improved natural light Sound is increased, even when you don’t want it to be
More options for aesthetic improvements Harder to heat and cool
High ceilings are valued more Premium price

On the one hand, heating is improved throughout the winter because of the extra natural light. On the other hand, that additional space will make it harder to heat when it is really cold outside.

While owners will demand a higher price because of the high ceilings, buying a caravan with high ceilings demand a premium for new buyers. Maintenance is more difficult with higher ceilings, and that is something that rarely gets considered upfront.

The height of different caravans

small caravan with light inside

Caravans come in several variations, with some having higher ceilings and some having lower ceilings. The minimum average height, including all caravans, is 8.8”. Height is an important factor to know, whether you want it for aesthetic reasons or are concerned about storing it when it's not on the road.

Twin axle caravans

Twin-axle caravans are the kind that have four wheels in the back, rather than just two. They also come in several lengths and sizes. The average height of a twin axle caravan is 8’ 6”. Twin axle caravans are typically 26’ in length with an 8’ width, so they’re plenty spacious.

2-berth Caravans

The average height of a 2-berth caravan is 8’ 6”. Even though this is one of the more compact campers, there is still plenty of headspace available. In comparison, travel trailers in the state that are similar in size, lack the same height.

American comparisons, such as the Lance 1575 and the iCamp Elite, feature similar exterior heights with spacious interiors of nearly 7’.

4-berth Caravans

The average height of a 4-berth caravan is 8’ 6” and are among the most popular caravans available on the market. They’re more comparable to the most popular travel trailers in the states.

5-berth Caravans

The average height of a 5-berth caravan is also 8’ 6”. It seems that when it comes to caravans, the height averages remain the same, despite the overall length, weight, and width of the caravan.

On the American side, Lance manufactures a travel trailer similar in length at 22’ and interior height. There is also the Airstream Classic, which has the same interior and exterior heights as the 5-berth caravans in the UK.

6-berth caravans

These large family caravans are also 8’ 6” in height and come with plenty of space for sleeping 6. These are the most common caravans for retirees that are all but living in their caravans on the road. Owning a traveling home that is this spacious is highly advantageous.

The American versions of the 6-berth caravans are very similar as well. Again, the Airstream Classic series has plenty to offer with similar heights as well as other major travel trailer manufacturers.

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How many caravan sizes are there?

Everything is determined by the number of people who can sleep in a caravan. But there are only three categories that define a caravan’s general size:

While there are three categories, they’re not so easily defined. In fact, most caravan sizes are chosen by the buyer. Most people think about small caravans in terms of  teardrops, with 3’ and 4’ ceiling heights.

A medium caravan can mean anything between 14’ and 23’ in length, with large caravans often associated with luxury caravans that you can basically live in year-round.

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When it comes to height, caravan manufacturers stick with H1, H2, and H3. The same goes for length with L1, L2, L3, and L4. As far as height is concerned, H2 and H3 caravans will accommodate most people of average height or over 6’.

Why you should know the height of your caravan

twin axle caravan during the night

In terms of height, it's necessary to know how high your caravan is because overhangs are an issue, along with choosing a parking area at a campsite. Having a high enough internal ceiling is more of a personal matter than anything else.

You should know the other dimensions of your caravan as well. Campsites may or may not have enough space to accommodate your caravan. It's less of a problem if you have a smaller or medium caravan and more of an issue with large variations. However, it's good information to hold onto.

When you shop for a caravan, you should always bring a tape measure along. Sure, it may irritate the person in charge of the sale, but manufacturers often get the exact dimensions of a caravan wrong, whether it's an inch or several inches.

Weight is an important factor as well, both for axle accommodation and the laws of the land. Knowing your dimensions, including the weight, can save you a lot of headaches down the road.

Tallest caravans on the market

While there are exceptions to the rule, the tallest campers on the market are just about the same across the board, and they are largely ones that you have probably heard of. Taller caravans are usually modified.

For instance, the Kabe Royal Tower is a modified caravan with only the back half extending up to two stories in height. There is the gigantic, two-story, telescoping caravan customized and owned by a family of 8 in Australia.

So you can always purchase a pop-top and modify it yourself, or rearrange the ceiling framework of an existing caravan to heighten the ceilings. It will end up costing you quite a bit, but some things are simply worth the money when you’re a tall person.

We mentioned the Classic Airstream earlier, and it remains one of the tallest available caravan/travel trailers on the market today. But there are some others as well. If you are tall or simply prefer a spacious interior, your choices aren’t as limited as you think.

If you’re looking for a caravan/travel trailer that has high ceilings, you can’t go wrong with any of the above choices. Those aren’t the only ones out there, either. The above list is just some of the more well-known brands.

Remember, when shopping for a caravan/travel trailer, bring your tape measure along for the ride.

Final thoughts

Caravan heights are generally pretty high at the H2 and H3 levels. H2s happen to be the happy medium, and this height range fits the models that are the most popular, both in the states and in the UK.

Your caravan is your home away from home, so why not find something with a spacious interior, especially if you are 6’ or taller? Go with an H2 or H3, and you’ll be glad you made the decision.