How Much Can the Ford Explorer Tow?

We're going to break down each Ford Explorer model's towing capacity along with the technologies that increases the towing capacity.

blue ford ranger towing an airstream

For years and years, the Ford Explorer was always known and regarded for its towing capabilities. However, in recent years, it’s clear that the people at Ford have been working hard to try and create an Explorer that could further push the boundaries of what it would be able to tow.

While the results have not been drastically different from what Ford Explorer lovers would come to expect from older models (regarding towing capacity), the 2022 Ford Explorer towing capacity, in specific, continued the somewhat modern trend of the Explorer having boosted towing performance.

However, you didn’t come here to learn about the history of the Ford Explorer towing capacity (over the years), did you? Nah, you came here to learn what the 2022 model is capable of. Oh, don’t worry, it’s very capable.

That is, of course, if you get the Class III Trailer Towing Package installed (but more on that later).

How much can each Ford Explorer model tow?

Variety is the spice of life and when it comes to modern vehicle designs, manufacturers typically like to give their customers different trim levels to choose between.

When determining the 2022 Ford Explorer towing capacity, it really comes down to two very important factors. One, what engine is installed? Two, is the Class III Trailer Towing Package equipped?

Let’s talk about that first question first by breaking down the three different engine options.

2.3L EcoBoost 4-Cylinder

When properly equipped, even this standard engine configuration can tow up to 5.300 pounds. On the Limited, XLT, and Base trims, this is going to come standard.

As for the specs, it boasts 310 lb.-ft of torque and 300 horsepower.

Not bad, not bad at all.

3.0L EcoBoost V6

On top of upgrading from a 4-cylinder to a V6, the 3.0L EcoBoost V6 engine is also twin-turbocharged.

Now, depending on the trim you select, the performance can vary slightly.

For the ST trim, expect 415 lb.-ft of torque and also 400 horsepower. For the Platinum trim, these numbers drop to 380 and 365, respectively.

When properly equipped, both trim levels will be able to tow up to 5.600 pounds.

3.3L Hybrid V6

As the name implies, this is a hybrid engine offered for the Ford Explorer meaning it will be both gas and electric. As with the 3.0L EcoBoost V6, this bad boy can reach up to 5.600 pounds (towing capacity) when properly equipped.

What is the Class III Trailer Towing Package?

We have a drinking game for you.

Re-read everything up until this point and take a shot every single time we said, “properly equipped.” Yes, we reiterated it several times, but what exactly is that supposed to mean for you?

At the end of the day, the 2022 Ford Explorer towing capacity is pretty much dependent on the Class III Trailer Towing Package that can be installed.

Yet, why? It’s simply due to what it provides…which is,

  • A Class III frame-mounted hitch
  • A seven-wire harness
  • Four-and-seven-pin trailer connectors
  • An engine oil cooler

Basically, if your plan is to use this vehicle for towing (or at least know it’ll be an integral part of why you’ll use it) then it’s advised to get this package installed when you purchase the vehicle.

If you decide against that, on top of not having the features just mentioned, the towing capacity will be reduced to 3.000 pounds.

In other words, it’s kind of essential for towing.

What are some other towing technologies that the Explorer comes with?

Alright, so we’re done shoving down your throat the importance of the aforementioned towing package and why it’s so critical to be satisfied with the Ford Explorer towing capacity.

The 2022 Ford Explorer also sports some other towing technologies that you’ll surely end up loving and appreciating.

Sidewind Stabilization

Reducing the force of crosswinds, this nifty feature helps both the vehicle and the attached trailer to stay in the proper lane.

Though Mother Nature can still override this feature, it still helps.

Terrain Management System

We have to say that this might be our favorite feature of the Explorer. Basically, there are several different drive modes that this system allows to be used at any given time. From Trail to Normal to Slippery to Deep Snow, this system allows the vehicle to be tailormade to handle virtually any road surface out there.

Trailer and Towing Sway Control

A pretty much standard feature on any modern SUV that’s designed for towing, this mitigates trailer sway by adjusting torque and brake pressure automatically.

Is the extra price worth it?

We did some research to try and find out exactly how much the Class III Trailer Towing Package costs to install. For the 2022 Ford Explorer, we couldn’t find that exact information (it’s something to ask the dealership that you’re doing business with).

However, we did find a really good point of reference. For the 2022 model (which is almost identical), the Class IV Trailer Tow Package is listed as a $545 additional cost.

The cost to upgrade the 2022 model is probably going to be right around that ballpark (and probably cheaper). Still, check with the dealership you’re going to be buying (or leasing) the vehicle from. Might as well go straight to the source.

With that in mind, we would say that yes, the extra price is worth the upgrade.

Well, that’s assuming you actually plan to tow with the Explorer and not just use it as a family vehicle to take the kids back and forth to soccer practice!

Final thoughts

The 2022 Ford Explorer towing capacity is quite impressive. No, it doesn’t quite compare to something like the 2022 Dodge Durango, but that’s kind of in a class of its own for SUVs.

And we know we sound like a broken record at this point but if there’s anything to take out of this entire post, it’s that the importance of the towing package can’t be understated. It will, more or less, make or break your towing experience.

Happy shopping, everyone!