While we can certainly think of several nightmare scenarios for RVers, we’d have to say the refrigerator malfunctioning and ceasing to work is up there with any of them. It’s bad enough when you’re at home and you start to have issues with your fridge, and then it’s an entirely different problem when it happens in your RV while you’re on the road.

And even though the brand is a top leader when it comes to RV products and even though the brand also makes some high-quality and durable fridges, Dometic refrigeration products can still have their hiccups from time to time.

What if the solution to the potential problem you’re having is a Dometic RV refrigerator reset? We’re not here to guarantee that will be the case, but what we’re here for is to present you the steps to actually resetting your Dometic fridge.

Of course, seeing how that process is actually somewhat trivial, we also want to talk about some reasons and potential solutions as to why your Dometic fridge isn’t functioning the way it’s supposed to.

A Dometic RV refrigerator reset is pretty much a piece of cake

There’s a strong chance that the model you have has a reset switch as typically Dometic fridges will come with one. As far as where that switch might be, that’s going to depend on the model that you have. It’s not as if all Dometic fridges are designed with a reset switch in the same location.

Some common places you might find it, though, would be just inside the door or inside near the compressor in the back of the fridge. The best and easiest way to locate your specific reset switch, if the model has one built-in, is to access the owner’s manual. If for whatever reason, you can’t find the information there, you can always Google your specific Dometic model to see if you can find the information online.

Fast forward and let’s assume that your model has a switch and you’ve found it…don’t do anything until you’ve disconnected your RV from all power sources. After you’ve done that, you can now hold down the reset button for around 10 seconds. Repeat this a few times, and then you can restore power to your RV. Bam, the Dometic RV refrigerator reset process is now complete.

What if the problem I had still exists?

Let’s just say that you successfully reset your fridge and the problem you had still exists. As you might expect, the problem you’re having could be a result of a much bigger issue. Then again, the issue might actually be small. It just depends on how lucky you are, we guess!

One question really quick, is the problem that the Dometic fridge isn’t getting cold enough or cold at all? We’re assuming, of course, that the problem isn’t that you simply need to adjust the temperature control. If it’s not getting as cold as it should and you know it, there could be a few things going on:

  • 1) The RV might not be level: Would you believe that this could honestly be the issue? Here’s the deal, thanks to the manner in which the gas absorption fridges from Dometic operate, they must be level in order for gravity to help keep them cold. So, when you park your RV, ensure that it’s as level as possible.
  • 2) You might be overloading the fridge: Even though there may be more room in the fridge, you should be careful to avoid overloading it. Air needs to circulate inside to allow everything to cool down and if this is being prohibited in any way, things won’t be able to cool down.
  • 3) The airflow might not be proficient enough: This is kind of piggybacking off of the last issue, but the option is there to install additional fans to help the condenser fins do their job. If your RV is often in much warmer climates, installing additional fans could give you that additional airflow that the fridge needs.

What if the fridge stops working period?

Okay, so if the Dometic RV refrigerator reset doesn’t fix the problem and the issue is much deeper than simply the unit not getting cold enough, here are some other hiccups that may be happening.

  • 1) Check the control boards: Even though this brand of refrigerator is known for being really good, one of the areas notorious for having faults is the control boards. With the use of a multimeter, you can check to make sure they’re working the way they should. However, this is a lot easier said than done. Here’s a video to give you a more hands-on approach to a similar process.
  • 2) Check the breaker: box Perhaps you’re lucky enough and all you need to do to fix the unit is to flip a breaker. However, you might also have to replace a fuse. Regardless, the issue could be due to the fridge not getting power, in the first place.
  • 3) Look for an ammonia leak: Hopefully, when you take off the plastic cover to see the components of your Dometic unit, you don’t see what looks like a yellow sulfuric buildup. If you do see this, you more than likely have an ammonia leak in your cooling system. That’s bad news, basically.

Cost and longevity of a Dometic RV refrigerator

You’ll hear and see the experts claim that RV fridges, in general, should last anywhere from 10 to 18 years. While the Dometic brand may not further this longevity, they are known for producing excellent refrigeration products. So, if you care for them properly, you can expect them to last a very long time.

That’s a good thing because when you look at the cost of such units, they’re going to potentially break your bank. Dometic models can creep up to $6.000, but there are plenty of really good ones near $1.000 to $2.000. Still, we don’t care who you are, that’s a lot of money to spend on a fridge.

Final thoughts

The hope is that a Dometic RV refrigerator reset is going to be the end of whatever problem you’re having. As you saw, the process is very simple. Of course, if your problem still is persisting, maybe the other solutions listed above will fix it. If not, you may have to get an expert in there to see what’s going on.

Speaking of RV refrigeration problems, a common one is when yours decides to not work on electricity. Thankfully, we’ve already detailed what to do if that occurs. Anyway, speaking for this post, we hope that we were of some assistance!