It's weird that Class C motorhomes are larger and more spacious than Class B motorhomes, while Class A motorhomes are the juggernauts of the RV industry. Someone was asleep in their kindergarten ABCs class.

Class C motorhomes are the mid-size class, and they are often known for that funny projection that hangs out over the top of the cab. It's really a loft bed and looks more normal and sensical aesthetically on the inside.

Class C RVs sleep between 4 and 8 people, and while they aren’t the cheapest available motor homes out there, you will certainly find a few of them that align better with those on a budget. I'm making your search a little easier today with a top 5 list of the cheapest Class C RVs on the market.

# Model Dimensions Price
5 Gulf Stream Conquest 6237LE 24’L x 8.3’W $74,000
4 Coachmen Cross Trail XL 22XG 24.3’L x 8.3’W $85,000
3 Thor Motor Coach Four Winds 23U 24,1’L x 8.3’W $69,995
2 Forest River Forester LE 2851SLE 31.5’L x 8.4’W $84,999
1 Thor Motor Coach Chateau 31E 32.7’L x 8.3’W $74,999

5. Gulf Stream Conquest 6237LE

white gulf stream conquest rv

This is one of the cheapest Class C RVs on the market today, but that doesn’t mean it's not worth a second look. The Gulf Stream Conquest may surprise you after all. It's spacy enough to sleep up to 6 people while leaving plenty of elbow room to go around.

The floor plan is designed for both space and privacy. The bathroom is located next to the master bedroom, but it's not a part of the master bedroom. Instead, it's a completely enclosed compartment on its own that includes a bathtub/shower combo, sink, toilet, and small wardrobe.

The master bedroom features a room-long L-shelf for overhead storage and a basement storage option underneath the bed. The kitchen has a full dining area with bench seats along with a refrigerator, microwave, sink, and overhead for storage.

The over-the-cab bunk is 54” x 75” and includes an insert. It’s positioned at an angle from the optional TV mount, which has a swing arm attached so you can move it around. The biggest drawback, in terms of setup, is the TV mount location, which is directly over the door, assuming you have a decent size TV.

The Conquest also comes with a 13,500BTU AC unit mounted on the roof and a 25,000BTU furnace. Most of the things you expect to get in a far more expensive Class C RV are all here, which is why the price point is so attractive.

Key features

  • Sleeps 6
  • A choice between a Ford 7.3L V8 or a Chevy 6L V8 engine
  • Chassis is Ford or Chevy but matches the engine choice
  • 3-piece bath
  • 60” x 74” Master Bed
  • 54” x 75” Overhead Bunk Bed
  • Convertible Dinette Booth

4. Coachmen Cross Trail XL 22XG

grey coachmen cross trail rv

The Coachmen Cross Trail looks a little smaller than it really is, although it comes with the same Ford E350 chassis that the Gulfstream does. However, the interior has a more updated, modern look with a sleek J-Lounge with overhead cabinets.

The bathroom is completely enclosed with an access door, large bathtub, sink, and toilet. It lacks the extra wardrobe that the above Gulfstream comes with, which is a convenience in a bathroom and conspicuously missing here.

It does come with a good size rear door for storage, and the queen size bed in the master bedroom flips up for even more storage. Between the two, you have plenty of storage for even large equipment, such as kayaks or paddleboards.

The sidewalls are vacuum-bonded, which is certainly a premium addition at this price point. There is a typical lounge bed, which is long but a little on the narrow side at 39”. It also features the swing arm TV which is located near the entrance because Class C RVs seem to think this is a great feature for some reason.

The roof comes with a premium touch as well, with a built-in CrossFlex membrane. The windows are fiberglass, and the Coachmen Cross Trail comes with a 4000W Onan gas generator along with the A/C and heater.

Key features

  • Ford E350 Chassis with a 7.3L V8
  • Sleeps 5
  • Extra Large Storage Options
  • Flip-Up Murphy Bed
  • Azdel Vacuum-Bonded Walls

3. Thor Motor Coach Four Winds 23U

white thor motor rv

The cheapest Class C RV on my list, the Thor Motor Coach 23U plays well above its league in many ways. It comes with plenty of amenities you don’t expect to find in a Class C RV set at this price point.

Unlike the two previous motorhomes, Thor’s “Dream Dinette” is also a convertible sleeping area, in addition to the overhead bunk that measures 87” x 54”. The swivel TV is where you expect it to be as well.

The countertop directly to the left of the entrance is a flip-up countertop attached to a large, dual sink and three-eye propane oven/stove. It also comes with a recliner to the right of the entrance and a fridge directly across.

The queen-size bed is actually smaller than the loft bunk but features the traditional, overhead L-storage shelves. The bathroom is pretty standard, and though it lacks the wardrobe the Gulfstream has, there is still an easily accessible closet right outside the bathroom door.

Key features

  • Ford E350 Chassis and 7.3L V8
  • 11’ Exterior Height
  • Extra sleeping space for 6+
  • Extra Recliner
  • Lowest Price
  • Extra Large Loft Bunk

2. Forest River Forester LE 2851SLE

white forest river forester rv

The Forest River Forester LE is longer inside than it appears to be from the outside. Long enough that they were able to stack a sofa and dinette together, along with a pantry, conventional stove/oven, dual sink, and flip-up countertop on the opposite side.

The queen-size bed is slightly smaller than the loft bunk, but if you’re playing the fifth wheel, you will have to go into the master bedroom to access the bathroom. This Class C RV has a ton of storage spread throughout.

There are overhead cabinets everywhere, including over the sink, over both the pantry and the sofa, to the left and right of the bunk, and over the master bed. Because of the added length, the Forest River saved some space by sticking with a stand-up shower, rather than a large bathtub.

The master bedroom also includes two wardrobes for even more storage space, whether you use them for just clothing or for storing some of your other travel items. Storage capacity is clearly something that Thor was going for, and they certainly succeeded here.

The 7’ ceilings feel a little low for those taller than 6’ but the Forest River was going for length and space-saving features. It's largely a success because it's easy to have trouble comparing the interior length to the outside appearance.

Key features

  • LE Ford Chassis with a Mercedes motor
  • Dual A/C 15,000BTU
  • 30,000BTU Furnace
  • 2” Aluminum Framed Walls
  • Slide-Out Awnings
  • Automatic Leveling System
  • Block Foam Insulation

1. Thor Motor Coach Chateau 31E

beige thor motor coach rv

The Thor Motor Coach Chateau comes with a lot of bang for your buck. The master bedroom in a Class C RV is usually a master bed and some overhead shelves. In the Chateau, it's expanded to include a closet, and a dresser, the latter of which includes a TV stand.

There’s also enough extra room for two twin bunkbeds across the hall from an enclosed bathroom that is separate and private from the master bedroom. The L-counter is roomy enough for a 2-eye stove burner and oven, along with a microwave.

Across the way, you have your fridge and a small pantry. The dining room has enough space for a Dream Dinette including a 40” TV in the overhead and a Jack-Knife sofa on the opposing wall.

The cab bunk is pretty generous as well—slightly smaller than the queen-size bed at 52” x 96”. There are some optional inclusions as well. You can replace the Jack-Knife sofa with theater seating, if you prefer, along with a cockpit carpet mat, Home Collection Interior Decor, and a 12-volt attic fan.

If you like exterior aesthetics, this Thor Motor Coach offers an optional exterior package that includes automatic leveling jacks with touchpad controls, a partial paint with a graphics package, and a SmoothTECH Ride Suspension System - MORryde.

Key features

  • Ford E350 Chassis
  • Sleeps 7
  • 55.7 cu.ft. of Exterior Storage
  • Excellent Option Purchases
  • Child Safety Net for Bunk Loft
  • Slide Outs
  • Large and Spacious Interior

Final thoughts

These are some of the best Class C RVs on the market today for the money. Now, these Class C Motorhomes average the above-listed costs, and you are likely to find a much higher MSRP if you go directly to their respective websites.

Your best bet is to find that lower average by taking your time and looking around at several dealers. These are premium offers at budget prices, so long as you know where to look.