Ah, yes, good old Flex Seal. For those who feel as if they’ve heard of that stuff before but just can’t put their finger on what it is, does the name Phil Swift ring any bells? Well, for anyone who’s seen the infamous Flex Seal commercials, that name should indeed ring a bell or two.

No, we’re not here to review those commercials or even review the product in question. Instead, we want to answer one of the most common questions that the company behind the madness gets asked. Can you paint over Flex Seal?

Indeed, Flex Seal themselves revealed that this question is incredibly common for them to answer for their customers.

Thankfully, the company has provided a clear and concise answer to that very question for all their happy customers that buy their Flex Seal products.

Can you paint over Flex Seal?

Before we answer this question, we want to make it clear to everyone that this answer is coming straight from the horse’s mouth. So, in other words, we’re not just pulling some random BS information out of our you know what. Nope, the official blog of the brand and company spells it out crystal clear for everyone, and we just wanted to share that information with all of our terrific readers and audience.

Enough talk, right? Let’s get to it already. Can you paint over Flex Seal? The answer is yes you can, but there’s a catch. Here’s the thing about the Flex Seal brand of products, there are more than one. In fact, on their blog, the company details Flex Seal Spray, Flex Glue, Flex Seal Liquid, Flex Shot, and Flex Tape.

Can all Flex Seal products be painted over?

So… some can and some can’t? Yep, that’s all the catch is. The company claims that a few of their products can be painted over and that a few of them should never be painted over. Let’s begin with the two that actually can be painted over:

Flex seal spray

You could say that this is kind of the namesake of the brand. When people think of Flex Seal, this is the stuff that they probably think of. Thankfully, this stuff here is safe to be painted over with most urethanes and paints available commercially. However, here’s what’s really cool about the Flex Seal Spray, it’s already available in 12 different colors. Thus, a ton of color options are open to you when using it.

Flex glue

Sure, the Flex Glue is probably not as flashy as some of the other top-notch products from the company, but it works great as a strong and waterproof adhesive. The thing is, though, it’s only available in white and clear. Considering it’s glue, it’s not like it was ever going to be offered in fancy colors. But it can be painted over, once again, with most urethanes and paints available commercially.

What Flex Seal products can’t be painted over?

It’s funny. Can you paint over Flex Seal? No, you can’t. You know why that’s funny? It’s because that answer’s correct even though we previously said the answer was yes…and that answer’s also correct. In other words, you literally can’t get the question wrong. We needed more of those for our exams during our youth.

Anyway, getting back on track here, it’s time to detail the products that the company recommends avoiding painting over (though each comes with a little bit of good news).

Flex shot

This is just another version of the brand’s famous rubber sealant technology, so to speak. Indeed, however, Flex Shot can’t be coated over with paint. Yet, the nice thing about it is it’s offered in a few different color options. While not incredibly diverse, it can be purchased in white, black, almond, and clear.

Flex tape

Okay, so Flex Tape is a little bit different than the typical stuff you see from the company. As the name implies, it’s waterproof tape. The thing about it is the company claims it can only be coated with Flex Seal Spray. Remember, though, that Flex Seal Spray can be painted over. As such, you can kind of cheat the system here. Just don’t directly use paint over Flex Tape.

Flex seal liquid

Being sold as a thick rubberized liquid, Flex Seal Liquid is also a very unique product from Flex Seal. It can’t be coated over with anything other than itself, however. In other words, it means that you can add as many coats of the stuff as desired (as you would with paint). It’s not available in too many different colors, but the options of gray, white, black, and clear are there.

Final thoughts

Yep, that heading right there pretty much sums it up perfectly. Credit needs to be given to the company for assessing the question and making it very obvious what can and can’t be painted over to leave no doubt in anyone’s mind. We were happy to simply relay the information to all of you!

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