One of the tasks that campers face is finding gear that works well for the occasion but gear that also isn’t inconvenient to tag along for the occasion. A good example of this is a camper folding table, which is where the focus is going to be for this post.

Now, here’s the thing, camping tables can be sturdy, but they can only be as sturdy as a folding table will allow. After all, a table with a folding mechanism built-in will, by default, be less sturdy than most tables without the ability to fold (as the ability to fold naturally provides a structural weakness).

Additionally, camping tables need to be lightweight enough to not be ridiculous to transport. This also adds to the issue of them not being as sturdy as dining room tables and stuff like that. However, that doesn’t mean that there are not good, and solidly sturdy folding tables that you can use for camping.

In fact, we have five that are fantastic in nearly every way possible.

1. Beckworth & Co. SmartFlip Bamboo Folding Table

First things first, it’s not every day that a camper folding table is going to be made out of bamboo. Well, in fairness, the entire table isn’t made of premium Moso bamboo as just the tabletop is. The legs and frame have been designed of aircraft-grade 7075 aluminum to remain well-made but also lightweight.

As with a lot of camping tables, you can adjust the height of this one. The lowest setting will leave the table at a height of 17 inches, while the maximum height will allow the table to stand 25.6 inches. There are also heights in-between that can be utilized.

Outside of the overall construction, one of the best aspects of this design is the fact that the engineering of it makes it so simple and easy to unfold and fold it. As the advertising states, it truly is a dead-simple setup.

The only real issue you’ll find with this table is at the maximum height, it’s still not insanely sturdy. That’s more or less to be expected, though. Additionally, it’s somewhat pricy so just be aware that you’ll have to shell out a little dough for this.


  • Easy to adjust the height
  • Very simple to use
  • Built very well


  • A few had it come with scratches
  • A little bit pricy
  • Still could be sturdier at max-height

2. Lifetime Camping Folding Table

There’s something to be said when a product is a number one bestseller on Amazon. It doesn’t automatically suggest the product is amazing, but it’s a good start. When talking about this camper folding table, it’s more than earned its right to be a number one bestseller.

Speaking of the overall build of this table, it’s very impressive. The powder-coated steel frame combines with the high-density polyethylene plastic to make for a sturdy and durable design overall. What also helps is the fact that the legs have been braced by an additional bar.

However, the beefier design also has a drawback. The total weight of 19 pounds isn’t too terrible, but the legs can be very tricky to get out for just one person. It’s certainly not impossible to do it, but the process could’ve been a lot easier.

Now, when folded up, there is a carrying handle which makes it much easier to move this thing around. Oh, and the height can be adjusted from 22 to 36 inches and the options for 24 and 29 inches are also available.


  • Beefy surface and hardware
  • Comes with a carrying handle
  • Braced by an additional bar


  • Trickier than it should be to use
  • Hard to collapse
  • Can still be a little wobbly at full height

3. Coleman Folding Table

For a lot of campers, owning versatile pieces of gear is always the best. Well, let’s just say that this table is exactly that…versatile. It’s dubbed as having a 4-in-1 design. Basically, all that really means is it can be used as two separate tables, a bi-level table, a buffet table, and also a square table.

Even though it comes with two separate tables, it doesn’t make this a heavyweight option. In fact, given how versatile it is, it’s actually kind of surprising how lightweight this camper folding table is. The aluminum frame does help quite a bit with keeping it light in weight.

One interesting aspect of this design is the fact that the legs screw together. So, when folding up the table, you do have to disassemble the legs first. This could be seen as somewhat of a nuisance, but it’s not too terribly annoying.

Speaking of portability, this table does come with a self-contained case that’s also designed with a handle for easier transportation. Coupled with the solid build and the incredible versatility, Coleman’s 4-in-1 table is just a great purchase.


  • Very lightweight and portable
  • Versatile in its design
  • Fairly easy to put together


  • Can’t fold w/o disassembling the legs
  • The plastic corners are a bit fragile
  • Screw-together design is annoying

4. GCI Slim-Fold Cook Station

No, this isn’t the typical camper folding table. Just by looking at the picture of the table, you can tell that it’s indeed more of a cook station than just a table. Essentially, this allows you to bring your kitchen with you on your camping trip. Well, kind of.

Overall, this is a very sturdy design, though the surfaces could’ve been a bit more even. Even though this is designed with a powder-coated steel frame instead of aluminum, it’s still a lot lighter than you’d probably expect just by looking at it.

In spite of the design that looks somewhat complicated, it’s actually very easy to set up. In total, there’s a heat-resistant aluminum countertop, four plastic fold-out side tables, and a storage rack. The side shelves would’ve been a little better if they were metal to be able to hold hot pans, however.

If you’re looking for a traditional camper folding table to hold a few of your items, this is going to be somewhat overkill. It truly is ideal if you’re looking for a portable cook station to use for cooking for your family while camping (that’s just one example).


  • Pretty sturdy overall
  • Lighter than you’d expect it to be
  • Easy to setup


  • Some have had it arrive with scratches
  • Side shelves would be better as metal
  • Surfaces are somewhat uneven

5. GCI Outdoor Folding Table

When most people think of a camper folding table, this is probably the one that’s going to come to mind. It’s more of a traditional table that can be used for many different reasons for your camping adventures.

This is a metal table, with an aluminum top, that’s lightweight and solidly made. Sure, it could probably be beefier or even a little sturdier, but that’s not really the main point of its design.

Now, even though its portability is great thanks to the one-piece design and lightweight build, getting the legs open can still be somewhat of a tricky task for one person. It’s not brain surgery by any stretch of the imagination, but it takes a second to get used to.

Whether as a side table or even as a dining table, this can get the job done pretty well. One more quick note, the aluminum tabletop is somewhat slippery. Just be careful with it when you’re using it is all.


  • Light and fairly sturdy
  • Folds up very small
  • Taller than a lot of camping tables


  • A little too slippery
  • Can be somewhat tricky to open the legs
  • The quality could be a little better

Frequently asked questions

Can you bring a camping table to the beach?

Yes, you can. However, it’s not going to be the easiest thing to pull off, but it does depend on the table you have. Keep in mind that when you set up a camper folding table at the beach, you’re going to be setting it up in sand.

Stabilizing and finding a level surface in sand is not the easiest of tasks. It’s probably going to be easier to just save the smaller tables for time at the beach.

How do you clean plastic folding tables?

It depends on the severity of the mess, how quickly you get to it, and also if you’re cleaning a mess or just the table, in general. After all, if you’re just talking about cleaning up a quick spill on plastic folding tables, some paper towels can do the trick in a snap.

Yet, if you want to clean your plastic camper folding table after your camping trip or even after a large mess, you can use a spray bottle filled with a white vinegar solution. You can even use spray bottles designed for cleaning plastic. Any type of safe cleaning product can be used to clean one, quite frankly.

Can you put a microwave or grill on a camping table?

It’s really going to come down to two factors. The first is going to be whether or not the camper folding table you buy can handle appliances such as portable grills or microwaves. Regarding weight, of course, as most tables will come with weight limits that you should adhere to.

The second factor is going to be whether or not the tabletop is heat-resistant. Some tables have multiple surfaces and depending on the surface you want to put a grill or microwave on, ensure that the surface can handle the heat.

Would you be able to put camping tables under a bed?

This is nice to know if you have an RV of some type and you want to easily store your camper folding table underneath your bed. Of course, it’s going to depend on the size of the table, how compactly it folds, and the space available underneath your camping bed.

For the most part, underneath your camping bed is going to be a great spot to store your camping table. Then again, given how most will fold, storing them, typically, isn’t too much of an issue regardless.