For the most avid of hikers out there, one of the most amazing experiences is traveling to an unknown area and hiking a beach trail that’s universally recognized as one of the best in the world.

Perhaps you’re looking to book your next vacation spot and want to ensure that there’s a beach that has an amazing hiking trail. Or maybe you just love to travel and just want to hike three or four beach trails within a set radius.

No matter what your intentions are, there are literally thousands of hiking trails in the US. However, for this post, we just want to detail five of the best beaches with hiking trails in the good old US.

# Trail name Location
1 The Beehive Loop Trail Maine
2 Palomarin Trailhead California
3 Point Lobos Loop Trail California
4 Jenny Lake Trail Wyoming
5 Tomales Point Trail California

1. The Beehive Loop Trail (ME)

Some hiking trails even the most novice of hikers can handle. Let’s just say that for the Beehive Loop Trail…that’s not exactly the case. Now, some hikers will claim that this trail is a bit more hyped up than it needs to be regarding challenge and fear.

With that said, it’s rated to be a difficult hike. Then again, the added challenge is half the fun for some hikers, and the views you get from this trail are second to none. Starting at the Sand Beach Parking Lot, going over the Beehive, reaching the Bowl Pond, and then looping back to the Bowl Trail, the experience here is wonderful.

Moderate climbing will be involved, and there are some challenging ladder and rung sections. Just a warning. If you’re deadly afraid of heights, you may not enjoy this experience very much! Still, if you’re looking for challenge, beauty, and adventure, this is easily one of the best beaches with hiking trails for you.

2. Palomarin Trailhead (CA)

If you opt to avoid the shortcut that can be taken on the Alamere Falls Trail, you’ll be hiking for a good while to complete this hike. After all, it’s roughly a 14-mile hike, but it’s rated to just be moderate regarding challenge.

As for the hike itself, it just doesn’t get much better than this for people looking for beaches with hiking trails. The Alamere Falls itself is a glorious waterfall that flows into the Pacific Ocean. Indeed, this hiking trail offers many views of the ocean. Plus, you can even see views of Pelican Lake and Bass Lake.

Now, the shortcut that was alluded to can actually shave off a few miles of the hike. However, if you want to actually walk on the beach, it’s advised to skip the shortcut. As with many popular beaches with hiking trails, it’s not uncommon for the trail to be quite crowded at times. If you can handle a bit of traffic, though, it’ll be a wonderful experience.

3. Point Lobos Loop Trail (CA)

In general, the Point Lobos State Natural Reserve has a large network of hiking trails that are well-maintained. What’s really neat about the Point Lobos Loop Trail, besides the fact that it takes you along the Pacific Ocean, is you can expect to see seals, sea lions, shorebirds, and other different types of ocean wildlife.

A variety of scenic environments can be enjoyed from this trail from Monterey pine to Cypress groves. In terms of challenge, this is actually one of the easier trails on this list. For the most part, it’s a fairly flat network of trails. If you’re looking for more amazing views rather than a challenging hike, you’ll more than likely love this one.

In fact, some hikers will call this more of a walk than a hike. Which, quite honestly, is probably a good thing considering the fact that you’re more than likely going to be taking picture after picture after picture of all the beautiful scenery that you’ll experience.

4. Jenny Lake Trail (WY)

Located near Moose, Wyoming, the Jenny Lake Trail is just under eight miles in length and is rated to be moderate in its difficulty. Outside of hiking, snowshoeing is also a popular activity that people partake in on the trail. Overall, it provides excellent views of the Teton Range and Jenny Lake at specific points.

Not too treacherous of a hike, there’s not a whole lot of elevation gain that will be experienced. Being one of the best beaches with hiking trails, however, means that the sights and sounds are really what will be treasured.

Plus, the route gives you the ability to stay near the lake if you wanted to. The option is also there to climb near the boat launch across the lake, though. Depending on your speed and how much you stop to look around at all the sights, you can expect this trail to take several hours to complete. It’s a worthwhile adventure, to say the least.

5. Tomales Point Trail (CA)

Another trail located on the west coast, Tomales Point Trail offers insanely great views of not only the Pacific Ocean but also Bodega Bay and Tomales Bay. Yet, while the first three miles of the hiking trail is well-maintained and marked, the last stretch can be overgrown a little bit.

So, due to such, long sleeves and long pants are advisable for this hike. For those first three miles, however, you’ll be quite exposed so having sun protection and lots of water are big plusses. And, in general, this is considered to be a heavily trafficked trail. So, be prepared to see many other hikers and adventurers out there with you.

Outside of the wonderful coastal views, you may even encounter herds of elk and various other sights to make the trip worthwhile. Oh, and as far as difficulty, this is another moderate trail.

Final thoughts

To say that there are several beaches with hiking trails in the US is probably the understatement of the year. Clearly, you can literally find thousands upon thousands of trails to enjoy. This list was just to provide some of the most popular and beloved hiking trails out there.

If you’re looking for some of the best near you, you’ll probably be able to no doubt find some. That’s why they have this great thing called the internet (and Google)! All we have to say is no matter where you end up taking your hike, have fun, dress smart, pack accordingly, and be safe!

Oh, and one more thing before we let you go. While some hiking trails may not allow you to tag along your pooch, some will. If that’s the case, you may be interested in learning what some of the best dog hiking harnesses are on the market today. Just a thought!