What's the Towing Capacity of an Audi Q7?

Wondering how much you're able to tow with your new Audi Q7? In this article, we're covering the towing capacity of each engine model and the many features that assist in towing.

grey audi q7 towing a camper

It’s kind of insane because most will look at the Audi Q7 as a highly advanced luxury SUV with insanely good technology features and a fantastic style. Yet, all at the same time, the Q7 is able to obtain incredibly impressive towing capabilities both with its performance and its towing capacity.

Of course, it all starts with the Audi Q7 towing capacity, and that number is truly fantastic no matter how you slice it. As with most modern vehicles on the market, what you will be able to tow with the Q7 will come down to the engine you choose and how you equip the SUV.

What’s the towing capacity of the Audi Q7?

As just alluded to, the engine you choose for the Q7 will help to dictate how much you can tow. Here’s a super handy table-view before we dive into each engine model:

Audi Q7 Model Towing Capacity
Premium 45 TFSI Quattro 4,400 lbs (2000kg)
Premium Plus 45 TFSI Quattro 4,400 lbs (2000kg)
Premium 55 TFSI Quattro 7,700 lbs (3500kg)
Premium Plus 55 TFSI Quattro 7,700 lbs (3500kg)
Prestige 55 TFSI Quattro 7,700 lbs (3500kg)

On the lower end of the spectrum, you have the 45 2.0L TFSI turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, and this is also paired with the eight-speed Tiptronic transmission.

Regarding power and torque, this engine can achieve 248 horsepower and 273 lb.-ft of torque. With this engine in charge, you’ll be able to tow up to 4.400 pounds with this SUV. From kayaks to fishing boats to smaller travel trailers, even the less powerful of the two engine choices can allow you some really good towing performance.

However, if you want to get the maximum towing performance, you’re going to want the more powerful engine. Also available is a 55 TFSI supercharged V6 engine that can pump out 369 lb.-ft of torque and 335 horsepower.

With this engine equipped, the Audi Q7 towing capacity skyrockets to 7.700 pounds. Yeah, quite the noticeable difference between engines, and this allows the Q7 to be comparable to some light-duty pickup trucks when it comes to towing.

From flatbed trailers to medium-weight camping trailers, this engine allows the Q7 to be able to handle some pretty serious towing loads. Now, additionally, we need to mention the Q7 should be equipped with the available towing package to reach that maximum towing capacity.

For the record, the towing package includes a tow hitch receiver, which also is paired with brake controller pre-wiring.

What features affect the towing performance of the Audi Q7?

So, you already know that the Q7 can more than hold its own when it comes to towing capacity. However, there are a plethora of technology features that it’s been designed with that help play a role in the performance end of things.

  • The all-wheel drive system: In addition to the eight-speed automatic transmission that was mentioned earlier, this SUV also comes equipped with a quattro all-wheel drive system. This system helps you to better navigate on terrain featuring ice, snow, mud, and much more. Whether when towing or when just driving without a trailer, this system can make life a lot easier and safer on such terrains.
  • Available all-wheel steering: You can equip the Q7 with this steering, and it will use up to five degrees of automatic counter-steer to help keep you and your trailer in more control when traveling at higher speeds.
  • Audi’s adaptive air suspension: Also available with this SUV is Audi’s adaptive air suspension system. In short, this will provide up to 50 millimeters of extra ground clearance, and it’s going to create more cushioning while towing larger loads. It also comes into play when you’re driving off-pavement.
  • Audi’s Active Lane assist with Emergency assist: With the Q7, there are a variety of driver-assistance features that you can choose from. One of the best that comes into play while towing is the Audi Active Lane assist with Emergency assist. While traveling down the highway, this system will keep an eye on your surroundings. Even with a trailer hooked up, this will allow you to change lanes safely and with little to no problems.
  • The Top View camera system: In addition to this camera system, you also get a virtual 360-degree view to basically give you a bird’s-eye view of the surroundings of this SUV. Not only does this help when backing up with a trailer, but it can also allow you to hitch a trailer in mere minutes. Basically, it just gives you another set of eyes without needing an actual set of eyes to help you out. Genius.

How much cargo space does the Audi Q7 have?

Okay, so the Audi Q7 towing capacity is very impressive, and the integrated technology helps to make the performance even better. Yet, it doesn’t end there for the SUV when it comes to hauling. On the cargo side of things, the Q7 is quite capable there too.

With three rows of seats and two rear rows with the ability to fold down, you can load up this bad boy with a ton of cargo. In total, there are nearly 70 cubic feet of total cargo space inside. With the room available, you can easily pack small pieces of furniture and even some kayaks.

Just remember, though, that when you add cargo to the Q7, you have to keep in mind the payload capacity. The rated payload capacity of this SUV is between 1.587 to 1.610 pounds. Keep in mind that this also includes the weight of passengers (and yourself) riding in the vehicle.

If you want to know more about how much cargo space the Audi Q7 has, hop over to the Audi Q7 review by Scotty over at A Girls Guide to Cars. It covers everything you need to know.

Final thoughts

At its utter peak, the Audi Q7 towing capacity is downright awesome. With a capacity to tow up to 7.700 pounds on top of all the other conveniences that the SUV provides, it’s just remarkable what Audi was able to achieve. Even when downgraded to 4.400 pounds of towing capacity, you can still have a ton of fun with the family.

Plus, the payload capacity and cargo space make the SUV a great choice for hauling cargo too. Overall, we know we’re impressed with what we see. But we’re not here to try and make a sales pitch, we’re just calling it as we see it.

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