Ceramic heaters are a new type of heater in the market right now. Whenever it is a chilly night, they are the perfect method to warm up a small room or tiny space for comfort. However, are they immune to unpredictable accidents? Are ceramic heaters safe?

In short, yes, ceramic heaters are safe to use. They work cleanly without producing any toxic emissions. The heating process also makes them safer because they heat up the inside instead of the whole unit. However, with all things considered, ceramic heaters are still risky to use. Hence, you should always follow the safety rules before using them.

However, there is more! Before getting yourself one of these, you should also know about its pros and cons. Continue reading to find out more about this new type of convection heater.

Ceramic heater safety tips

While many may argue that the equipment is unsafe, it is most likely unsafe if you don’t use it safely. Hence, we have come up with some ceramic heater safety tips for you to follow:

1. Do not place it near furniture

Over the years, a number of fire hazards at homes have started because their heating appliances were near things that would catch fire easily.

If you plan to place your ceramic heater near curtains or furniture, there is a high chance of a fire hazard. Anything made of cardboard, clothing, or paper is highly flammable.

So, find a place that has a hard surface and is away from flammable things. You could also build a shelf of ceramic tiles for better safety.

2. Keep a 3 feet distance

Keeping your heater too close to you can be risky; you could fall over it or touch it by accident. Not to mention falling asleep while being too close can cause blisters or at least skin damage.

Hence, the best way to prevent being burned is to keep a 3-foot distance around your ceramic heater.

3. DO NOT use an extension cord

In many cases, an extension cord or a power strip is incapable of taking the current that your high-powered appliance needs.

Even if you get a high-quality wire or power strip, they will still catch on fire because they are not strong enough to handle such a high power load. So, always plug your ceramic heaters directly into a wall outlet for a safer environment.

4. Turn it off before you sleep

One of the vital safety tips is always to remember to turn off your ceramic heaters on time. You must turn it off if you go away for a long time or go to sleep. The chances of fire hazards are high when you leave your heaters unattended.

It is riskier for the elderly, as they have a tendency to fall asleep while watching television or reading. Hence, they are more likely to forget to turn off their heaters, which may lead to accidents. Therefore, it is better to avoid using heaters if you are elderly.

5. Install smoke detectors

If you don’t have one yet, we recommend installing a smoke detector if you plan to use a ceramic heater. Install it anywhere in the same room where the ceramic heater is set up.  No matter how well made or safe a heater is, it is still a machine that works to create heat. And just machines are not shy of starting a fire whether it be due to malfunction or neglectful usage.

Are ceramic heaters safer than other heaters?

Most heaters will overheat when in use for too long and eventually catch fire. Ceramic heaters, on the other hand, are safer than others because their heating elements on the inside don’t overheat.

The outer shell of your ceramic heater stays cool while it passes the current on the inside. The ceramic plate gets heated until it is hot enough to radiate heat around your room.

So, unlike the other heaters, ceramic heaters don’t heat up the whole unit because they only heat up the plates inside. Even though there are still risks of causing fire hazards when using ceramic models, the chances are lower than the others.

Other space heaters burn combustible fuel to work, while ceramic heaters produce heat from a clean source. Ceramic models work by using electricity to warm up the ceramic plate inside.

They do not intoxicate indoor air by producing carbon monoxide like the others, so that makes them safer for your health. Another benefit of using them is that ceramic heaters don’t produce smells, fumes, or dust.

What are the advantages of using ceramic heaters?

Every model of heater has its fair share of flaws and perks that make them different from the others. Ceramic heaters have numerous advantages when used in the home.

So, we gathered some reasons that make ceramic heaters better than others:

  • Ceramic heaters are safer than any other space heater. As we mentioned above, even the hottest part of the appliance is lower, making it less likely to get short-circuited. The mechanisms built inside the heaters reduce the current flow once the ceramic plate inside reaches 380 degrees.
  • As ceramic heaters are portable, you can switch places and place them anywhere and anytime you want. The only thing to keep in mind is to keep a 3-foot space around your heater so it can get proper ventilation.
  • Another advantage of using ceramic heaters is that their rods and tubes are entirely made of ceramic. It prevents them from corrosion and getting rusty.
  • Lastly, ceramic heaters are best known for warming up your space in a short time. They can cover heat from your ceiling to your floor, and spread it around every corner of your room within five minutes of activation.

Final thoughts

To wrap things up, ceramic heaters are safe to use as long as you follow the safety rules mentioned and take precautions. They are not only safe to use during the winter season, but also healthy for you.

So, did you have the question, are ceramic heaters safe? I hope this article helped clear up all the confusion you had. Thank you for reading, and I appreciate you stopping by!

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