If you’re talking about an iconic travel trailer brand that has been winning over consumers for nearly a century now, you’re more than likely talking about Airstream. Airstream trailers and RVs have such a distinct look that even if you have no idea what they’re called, you know one when you see one.

However, we’re not here to analyze and go into depth about all the features that make this model of RV so great. Instead, we want to focus on one thing, in particular. Do Airstream models come with slide outs? Finding an Airstream with slide out functionality isn’t impossible, but it’s certainly not a staple feature for the brand.

Yet, before we get into the meat and potatoes here, let’s first talk about what RV slide outs even are, to begin with.

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What are RV slide outs?

Slide outs are pretty simple in concept as they’re basically just room extenders that allow the living space in your travel trailer to be enhanced.

In general, finding RVs with slide outs is pretty common and not that tricky to do. Typically, they’re operated via an electrical system. Manual and hydraulic RV slide out systems do exist too, though.

Can you find Airstreams with slide out functionality?

First things first, let’s just briefly talk about what Airstream trailers are made of to ensure that we’re all on the same page about the brand that’s being talked about. As mentioned, they have a distinct look, and, really, they look like silver bullets. This is thanks to their treated aluminum alloy construction.

The treating process protects the metal from the elements, while the white enamel roofs that you’ll see on these trailers help to prevent heat from building up too quickly inside. But…do they come with slide outs? Okay, let’s finally tackle this question.

There aren’t too many Airstream models that you’ll see come with slide out technology, so to speak. Plus, who knows if the company will ever return to making an Airstream with slide out functionality as, currently, it seems as if it’s not on their agenda at all.

It really has never been a staple feature for the brand of trailer, and the low demand of this specific type of RV (for Airstream) probably didn’t help matters any.

What models do sport the slide out functionality?

As we mentioned earlier, you can find a couple of Airstream travel trailers or RVs with slide outs. One of which is known as the Atlas Touring coach, and it has a slide out Murphy Suite and is known as a Class B+ RV.

Well, that’s what Airstream affectionately calls the RV as it’s actually a Class B model, and it’s built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van chassis.

This is actually the first Airstream motorhome to sport a power slide out, and it’s really the model of choice if you want an Airstream with slide out technology. Probably the best part about the slide out is the fact that it’s powered via the Multiplex control panel. With a simple push of a button, you can extend the slide out to enjoy more space inside of your Airstream.

However, as with most RVs from the company, this thing isn’t exactly cheap. To give you an idea, the 2022 Atlas starts at over $276,000. That’s more expensive than a lot of houses out there. So, just know that this is quite an expensive beast.

There’s another model out there with the technology

We were actually able to find another Airstream travel trailer with a slide out. It’s the 2009 Airstream Classic Limited, and it comes with “ingenious” slide out options.

That’s how the company behind the genius describes it anyway.

As with most models from the manufacturer, this line of travel trailers offers a ton of space to live and a level of beauty that’s simply hard to match.

So, what can you expect from a standard Airstream trailer?

Air Stream Joshua Tree
Photo by Tyler Casey / Unsplash

Quite frankly, don’t expect the ability to use the slide out feature to enhance the living space inside your RV. The brand just doesn’t utilize slide outs all that often, so it shouldn’t be a feature that you come to expect with them.

Yet, there’s still a lot that you can expect from your standard Airstream trailer.

For starters, you can expect the iconic and classic aluminum body construction as that’s pretty much the staple design of the brand. Many models come with a number of luxurious features, so it’s not too far-fetched to expect an excellent level of class and luxury with an Airstream trailer.

Oh, and you can also expect a durable rig built to last a long time thanks to the high-quality components that an Airstream is going to be designed with.

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Final thoughts

Here’s the deal. If you’re looking for an Airstream with slide out functionality, the options are going to be incredibly scarce. However, both the Atlas Touring Coach and the 2009 Airstream Classic Limited do come with the technology. As with most other Airstream travel trailers, however, you’re going to pay a pretty penny for those trailers. Airstream customers are used to shelling out some money for this brand, however.

Quite frankly, if what you’re looking for the most out of an RV is a slide out, you should just stick to other brands. It’s not as if Airstream is the only good RV brand in the world, as that’s clearly not the case at all. It shouldn’t be too hard at all to find a rock-solid rig with a slide out…but it more than likely isn’t going to be an Airstream.

On another note, have you ever run into an issue of your electric awning not extending? Not even just talking about Airstream RVs, either, as we’re talking about any rig. The electric awning is one of the most coveted features of an RV, so dealing with one that’s not extending is kind of annoying. Here’s the good news, you can fix one that won’t extend!