Let’s face it. Airstream rental would be so much fun! Airstreams are likely the coolest looking camping trailers that money can buy.

They were used to shuttle NASA astronauts to and from their launchpads, and they honestly look like something taken out of a sci-fi movie.

It’s no wonder that you want to rent one of these bad boys yourself.

But before you take the leap of faith and find yourself an Airstream rental deal, I’m going to cover these things:

  1. Airstream trailers are expensive to rent
  2. Airstream trailers are popular but tough to find
  3. Airstream trailers are not great for winter camping
  4. Airstream trailers get better MPG than other trailers
  5. Airstream trailers are quite narrow
  6. It can be hard to control the temperatures
  7. You most likely won’t be left alone

Let’s dive in and take a look at some of the things you should consider.

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1. Airstream trailers are expensive to rent

Camping in an airstream
Photo by Katie Montgomery / Unsplash

Airstream trailers are expensive and can cost you anywhere from $100 to $400 per nightdepending on what size of trailer you’re looking for.

What if I rent an Airstream that’s 10 years old? You might ask.

Renting an Airstream that’s 10 to 15 years old won’t save you much. A quick glance at Outdoorsy and you’ll find old campers priced at $150 per night.

Let’s put things into perspective. You can rent a 2020 16ft Lance 1575 with slide outs for $95 per night compared to a 2020 16ft Airstream Bambi for $150 per night.

You’ll save approx. $50 per night and even get more space by choosing the Lance 1575 over the Airstream Bambi. That’s $350 if you’re renting it for 7 days!

However, I’ve managed to find a few Airstream rental deals on Outdoorsy priced at $100 but expect to spend a long time hunting down the deals.

There’s no getting around the fact that Airstreams are extremely popular and that they’re quite tough to get your hands on. Especially if you’re from Europe where there’s only a single official Airstream dealer located in Germany.

The RV Industry Association saw 45.930 shipments in January which was a YOY growth of 39.2%. In other words, more and more people are showing interest in either renting or buying a trailer.

As the Airstream is such an iconic camping trailer, and that Airstream ship out less than 100 new trailers a week, it’s often tough to find a good deal on an Airstream trailer.

If you’re having trouble finding a good Airstream rental deal, check out Livmobil. They’re all about renting out Airstream trailers, and they’re pretty darn good at it.

3. Airstream trailers are not great for winter camping

Have you’ve ever seen the interior of an Airstream? You probably have. Then you likely also know that they’re made out of nothing but steel, wood, aluminum, and very little insulation.

Photo by Zane Lindsay / Unsplash

All Airstream trailers are even equipped with reflective white enamel on the roof to reduce the interior temperatures by up to 7° F. In other words, Airstream trailers are built for hotter climates. If you’re looking for a winter camper, then you’d be better off with an insulated trailer than an Airstream.

4. Airstream trailers get better MPG than other trailers

When Airstream founder, Wally Byam built the Airstream bach in the 1930s, he knew that the Airstream had to be aerodynamic. It had to have distinctive slippery curves compared to clunky squared curves as most other trailers had back then.

In 2014, Airstream published an infograph on their website explaining the history of Airstream’s aerodynamics. In the very bottom of the infographic, it’s mentioned that the aerodynamics saves up to 20% fuel compared to other trailers.

Let’s say you were to drive across the U.S. That’s around 6.000 miles. If you’re getting 10 MPG and fuel costs $0.9 pr. gallon. Then you’d spend $5.400 on gas. If you had an Airstream that saved you 20% fuel instead, you’d save around $1.080 in pure gas.

Most camping trailers nowadays are built to be aerodynamic but Airstream does it very well when it comes to saving fuel. It’s definitely worth a thought when looking for an Airstream rental.

5. Airstream trailers are quite narrow

Most larger travel trailers come with slide-outs giving you a much wider space to move around on. But with an Airstream, you only have 6′ 4.5″ (just shy of 2m) if you choose the Airstream Basecamp or 7′ 7″ (2.31m) with an Airstream Caravel 20FB.

Airstream on the road
Photo by Kai Gradert / Unsplash

As seen above, the Airstream Basecamp isn’t the biggest camping trailer when it comes to interior width. Back in the days, Airstream used to make slide-outs for their larger trailers – which resulted in a lot more interior space when used.

So, if you want a traveling trailer that’s wide where you and your spouse (or dog) can pass each other without having one of you to enter the toilet skip the newer Airstreams and go for a trailer with slide-outs.

If you’re absolutely fine with having a narrow trailer that gets good mileage, then keep reading. We’re only halfways through the things you should consider when renting an Airstream.

6. It can be hard to control the temperatures

Imaging taking a nap in a can of sardines on a bright, sunny day in the middle of Yosemite where temperatures occasionally reach 90° F (~30° C). That’s kinda what it feels like to camp in an Airstream with a broken Quietstream™ air conditioner.

In the production of the Airstream, it’s wrapped in reflective white enamel that cools down the enterior but it’s still an alluminum shell with huge windows so it’s great at absorbing sunlight.

On a sunny day, it can make it quite the hassle to find the perfect temperature. Especially if you’re renting one of the older Airstream trailers with outdated air conditioners.

7. You most likely won’t be left alone

Most people absolutely love the looks of an Airstream. And I don’t blame them. Airstreams look amazing with their rugged, timeless aluminum plates. I mean, just take a look at the trailer below:

Photo by Olga Mandel / Unsplash

When you arrive at the campsite with such a trailer, chances are people can’t get their eyes away from your Airstream rental. You’ll for sure have to tell them everything about what it can do and show them the interior. Just a little heads up.

Final thoughts

When looking for an Airstream rental deal, make sure you’re that:

  • You’re fine with the steeper price point
  • You don’t need much space
  • You’re not renting it for winter camping

You should also know that most fellow campers find Airstream trailers exciting and are likely going to ask you a ton of questions when you arrive at the campsite. So you better know your stuff to not look like a rookie!

Should you be interested in purchasing instead of renting, then check out my other article covering the 10 Best & Most Practical Small Travel Trailers.

Best of luck with finding a good Airstream rental deal.